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  1. UBRocked

    UBRocked VZW Nexus Please!!! VIP Member

    Did you wipe prior to install? Did you restore some settings from another ROM where you can change the notification colors (For Example, Lithium Mod, CyanogenMod, etc.)?

    You can't change the notification colors with this ROM and I'm running the Watermark'D theme and have white notifications throughout. However, I am using a modified WMD theme until Liquid releases the patch that will give you the black widgets for Facebook and Twitter. But the only thing I modified in the theme was adding different facebook and twitter apks...Framework is all the same.

  2. GirLuvsDroid

    GirLuvsDroid Well-Known Member

    I've been testing builds of Liquid Frozen Yogurt since before Liquid released version 1.1 and there's not another developer out there who is more dedicated or responsive than Liquid. I tend to be quite picky and detailed in my critiques of the builds and Liquid has worked tirelessly to address the issues I've raised, even the more obscure ones. For example, I stubbornly refuse to use any home replacement app other than Sweeter Home 2, and there was some little thing in the coding that was keeping Sweeter Home from working on the ROM. Liquid did test build after test build until he isolated the problem and fixed it. He's done that with every issue that's been brought to his attention by anyone.

    Liquid, I have to say, you ROCK!!!!!!
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  3. Ebaneezor

    Ebaneezor Well-Known Member

    All I did was a backup and wipe data and cache using rom manager, then there another way to wipe?
  4. UBRocked

    UBRocked VZW Nexus Please!!! VIP Member

    I don't interact directly with developers very often but I must say, I'm impressed with Liquid. He's seems to be trying really hard not just to put out "a" ROM...he's trying to put out "the" ROM.

    I don't know how far he can take this but I anxious to see :D
  5. UBRocked

    UBRocked VZW Nexus Please!!! VIP Member

    Yeah, but I don't know for sure that it will help. But what you have sounds like something is left behind from a previous installation.

    I SWEAR by this method...I don't flash a ROM without doing this and I NEVER have installation issues...

    1) Reboot into recovery (Clockwork preferably)

    NOTE: If you haven't already done a one now. I always perform my backups via ROM Manager so I can properly label my backups. If you need to do a backup at this point it will work exactly the same way but it names your backup with time and date information (you can rename the file later :))

    Here's how to create a backup in Clockwork Recovery
    Code (Text):
    1. From the main recovery screen, go to:
    3. Nandroid and then select "Backup"  
    2) Select "wipe data/factory reset" - This will actually format your Data, Cache, and SD-ext partitions

    3) Go into the "partitions menu"

    4) Format "Boot"

    5) Format "System"

    6) Go back to the main screen (power button backs you out to the previous menu)

    7) Install zip from sdcard

    Done...that is the way I have done it forever. You can do the same thing if you are using SPRecovery but you have to do it using ADB (there are not menu options to format partitions like there is with Clockwork).

    Hope that helps!
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  6. Ebaneezor

    Ebaneezor Well-Known Member

    Thats badass... I had no idea, but I was thinking that may be the case as well as I see my SD card is getting full with backups located somewhere I cannot locate. I would prefer to start fresh each time. I really like Watermark, and this should help a ton. The side effect of my ignorance has had a tremendous side benefit because I thought it was my previous ROM, so I gave this a try, and like I said, holy crap! its fast!!

    Thank you for the info , gona perform your steps each time from now on :)
  7. drgonzo

    drgonzo Well-Known Member

    Just flashed this Rom and so far I'm impressed.

    I've been running Bugless Beast almost exclusively since November 09 and this is the first Rom to bump it off its pedestal.

    I flashed the Smoked Liquid Froyo theme along with Chevys low voltage 7-slot 1.2 kernal (both linked in the OP).

    Here are some screen shots since I haven't seen any of the Smoked Liquid Froyo up yet.

    Attached Files:

  8. UBRocked

    UBRocked VZW Nexus Please!!! VIP Member

    NP! :)

    This is definitely the best way to start fresh!

    I have noticed that every once in a while, a ROM I am testing doesn't play nicely unless you flash it over another ROM (it's rare...but it happens). In that case, I perform all the same steps but then I flash a stock Motorola build (FRG22 for example). THEN before I reboot, I flash the new build over top of it. Like I said, it's rare and probably is a sign that something isn't quite right with the ROM or how it was compiled.

    You can clear the download cache in ROM Manager (it will erase a copy of all the items you have downloaded).

    Note: If you flash all your ROMs with the method I described, you will find that downloading ROMs from ROM manager is a pain in the a$$! For example, if you download CM 6.0.0 RC2 right now. you will have 3 files that you need to flash. You need to hunt through file folders to find the ROM when you "choose zip file to install from sdcard".

    The root directory you need is: clockworkmod>download
    (and then after that, there are bunches of file folders to sort through to find what you just downloaded.) You need to find the ROM itself, the gapps (google apps), and whatever launcher you selected to use...and all 3 files are stored in different folders.

    As for the nandroid backups you have made, they are located here:
    clockworkmod>backup (or go into ROM Manager and go to "Manage Backups").

    No one ever said doing it right was easy :D

    Sorry for the thread hijack...:D
  9. Papadroid

    Papadroid VIP Member VIP Member

    I can't wait to flash this LiQuID!! Your ROMs are so smooth and fast just using your stock kernel at that. Like UBR stated, normally I'll run 1.1GHz kernels or even 1.2 but on this I stay stock.
  10. Jareris

    Jareris Well-Known Member

    ARGH! I am lovin my Lithium Mod ROM, but reading all of these reviews about Liquid is making me antsy! Love all the options out there.:D
  11. Branndon

    Branndon Well-Known Member

    I'm on the frg22 stock release and love it so much I don't want to mess with a good thing. The reviews are tempting though.
  12. GirLuvsDroid

    GirLuvsDroid Well-Known Member

    Now that I have everything set up the way I like it, I can score this ROM a 5 out of 5. It's silky smooth, really fast, and handles my very heavy fully loaded Sweeter Home 2 theme with ease. I've tried all of my apps (110 non-system apps) and everything works, including Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G, GPS and the Market. All that hard work and dedication paid off, Liquid!!

    Here are some screen shots with my customized theme. None of the icons/pngs in this theme are of my creation -- I've kanged them from many themes over the months (including AdamZ and ChevyNo1 Smoked Glass w/Blue, HexFusion, Liquorice Ice, NexTheme, Blue Energy, 928Droid Black Glass, and most recently from Liquid's Blueberry Frozen Yogurt and Stewart's Watermark'd). Thanks to all the great devs and theme makers out there and thanks to SneakyZeaky for the Swype theme, as well.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  13. Pfilly

    Pfilly Well-Known Member

    What calendar widget are you using there gurl?
  14. GirLuvsDroid

    GirLuvsDroid Well-Known Member

    That's Pure Grid Calendar widget.
  15. liquid0624

    liquid0624 Well-Known Member Developer

    Hey guys thanks for all the kind words will be releasing a 1.31 patch and possibly an new surprise really overwhelmed right now. Do not apply these themes to other ROMs you will have bootloops. Also tapatalk and pure grid calendar widget come up for me in the market so i really have no way to isolate that issue i would suggest clearing the data and cache in the market through settings, applications, manage applications, all, market, clear data and cache and reboot.
  16. UBRocked

    UBRocked VZW Nexus Please!!! VIP Member

    Damn GirLuvsDroid...I though I had a fully packed homescreen setup...:eek:

    Looks good! ;) I like your setup. I tried Sweeter home but they didn't make a version of it that tailored to us "Non-Patient" people lol. I played with it for an hour or so and gave up cause it was too much work :)
  17. GirLuvsDroid

    GirLuvsDroid Well-Known Member

    Hehe, thanks!! Yeah, I spent many many hours creating and tweaking that SH2 theme (in fact, I'm always tweaking it!). I love that I can hide all my widgets on that main home screen until I want them, and that every single thing I use on a frequent basis is available on my main screen with just a tap (the stuff on the other screens is really just eye candy!), but I can keep the main screen relatively uncluttered.

    Liquid, I also was able to find tapatalk and Pure Grid Calendar with a Market search, no problem. Weirdly, I still can't pull up Dual Mount SD Share widget in the Market, but it restores fine with TiBu.
  18. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    I'm gonna have to flash this tonight...

    GirLuvsDroid where can I get a copy of that swype keyboard? I can't stand the way stock looks.
  19. GirLuvsDroid

    GirLuvsDroid Well-Known Member

  20. tmcewan259

    tmcewan259 Well-Known Member

    Pfilly as a long time user of Pure Grid Calendar I recently switched to the calendar widget in Launcher Pro Plus, talk about sleek and stable.
  21. Oracle646

    Oracle646 Active Member


    Please DONATE! If you donate (I did just $10) it goes a long ways to help create better ROMS for us! Very much worth the donation!
  22. Picaso86

    Picaso86 Well-Known Member

    I might be ******ed BUT where can I download this ROM? I dont see it in my ROM manager or any links from this page???
  23. GirLuvsDroid

    GirLuvsDroid Well-Known Member

    It's in the OP -- the first link under *** Downloads Hosted By LTE ***
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  24. Picaso86

    Picaso86 Well-Known Member

    thanks guys... in clockwork recovery how do I wipe data n cache??? I always do it thru ROM manager???
  25. GirLuvsDroid

    GirLuvsDroid Well-Known Member

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