LiQuID FroZeN YoGurT v1.6 (FRG22D BuILT FRoM SoUrCE!!! GeT iT FaST BeFoRE iT MeLTs!!!)

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  1. jbulluck

    jbulluck Well-Known Member

    @ docdl, What happened when you tried to connect via USB?? What caused it not to work?

  2. Rodeojones

    Rodeojones Well-Known Member

    Loving this ROM. Just one question (and please forgive my ignorance about this). What is this "interactive" setting available in SetCPU and how is it different (and perhaps even beneficial) compared to "on demand" which I've used with past kernels? I saw it mentioned earlier in this thread.
  3. jbulluck

    jbulluck Well-Known Member

    To be honest I am not sure what exactly it is but I do know that it works very well and really increase your performance!!! It has for mine!! I read straight from the bosses mouth he said to use the interactive setting and set the max value all the way to the right (1250) and set the min value all the way to the left (125) but if u experience problems then try another governor...heres a link to his post (scroll to the bottom to read the one in question)

    Hope this helps you!
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  4. docdl

    docdl Active Member

    I could not access the card. When I clicked on the "drive" in My Computer it asked me to insert a disk. I am still in Clockwork while doing this. Maybe that is the problem?
  5. jbulluck

    jbulluck Well-Known Member

    When you connect your device is there a USB icon in the taskbar (top of screen) on your phone? If so swipe down and select "USB connected" then mount your phone. After this you should see your device in "My Computer" on your PC...if this doesn't fix it then try removing your sd card and putting it in an adapter to insert into a card slot on your PC...let me know if this helps?

    PS: Check you're PM's
  6. -AspenSTi-

    -AspenSTi- Member

    not really sure where to put this question/observation, but does anyone else get a fc when trying to click on a place when using the map? I'm just now noticing it since switching to 1.6 (not sure if it has anything to do with the rom...).

    More specifically, when you do a search in google maps, and click on any of the locations (A, B, C, ect.) immediatly it shuts down. Just thought i would see
  7. seadams

    seadams Well-Known Member

    finally got the the phone to read the sd card last night. I am running the revolution theme, it is nice and clean looking, but the font is so thin it is hard to read. my first question is, can I go into the phone and change the font or make it bold? also I can;t remember but do I need to wipe/ reset to install a different theme?

  8. thaDroidz

    thaDroidz Well-Known Member

    Themes and kernals no wiping..
  9. thaDroidz

    thaDroidz Well-Known Member

    Mines good. If you are overclocked back it down 100. If I run at 1200 my browser closes out once the temps get warm. It doesnot FC it just goes home. Backing to 1100 works fine
  10. YankeeDudeL

    YankeeDudeL Well-Known Member

    Me too. I'd hate to get lynched again. lol
  11. YankeeDudeL

    YankeeDudeL Well-Known Member

    Might have to beg you to make it public. lol
  12. -AspenSTi-

    -AspenSTi- Member

    Technically its overclocked (running the stock kernal with 1.6) so im running at 1000, maybe back down to 900? Either way, this stock kernal does run my droid pretty hot, much hotter than the previous 1200's i usually have run in the past, anybody else have same issue (i know each phone is different...)
  13. YankeeDudeL

    YankeeDudeL Well-Known Member

    Considering we've both reviewed UD8 and are both in the process of doing LFY1.6, I think we'll be doing plenty of comparing. lol
  14. seadams

    seadams Well-Known Member

    Is there a way to change the font in a theme? like thru root explorer? I like everything in revolution except the thin font.
  15. UBRocked

    UBRocked VZW Nexus Please!!! VIP Member

    Well, turns out that both of us were right on 1.5. Some phones seemed to fly while other's stalled. Lots of testing went into the question of adding compcache back in to 1.6 and once slayer tweaked his kernels again...Compcache isn't necessary.

    You won't get lynched...You just better like it!

    I'm kidding of course! Speak the truth my friend! You're review last time led to many other people going against popular opinion and claiming lag. This discussion of "lag" is what led to Liquid/Slayer redesigning the ROM/Kernel combo. Proof again, that the ROM Reviewing System is useful...for multiple reasons! ;) None of the testers had noticed any problems with lag during the testing period...

    Nah...not doing it. I loaded the Revolution Theme and I'm loving it! Just would like to see a few more widgets themed to match and I would be 100% satisfied (but I'm picky LOL). :)
  16. jbulluck

    jbulluck Well-Known Member

    Nah...not doing it. I loaded the Evolution Theme and I'm loving it! Just would like to see a few more widgets themed to match and I would be 100% satisfied (but I'm picky LOL). :)[/QUOTE]

    Do you mean the Revolution Theme or is there an Evolution Theme that I dont know about? Mind sharing this theme please if so??? Thanks
  17. UBRocked

    UBRocked VZW Nexus Please!!! VIP Member

    Meant Revolution...sorry for the confusion...I'll update my post
  18. jbulluck

    jbulluck Well-Known Member

    No problem, thanks! I know you have a lot of experience with this flashing ROMs and such by looking at your post and answers in helping out fellow members so I wanted to ask you if you had a chance to read my post from earlier regarding the SPRecovery and ClockworkMod flashed over SPR then trying to do a restore from an earlier backup without any success...would you mind giving me a hand with this if possible??? I would be so grateful!

    Post # is 74
  19. UBRocked

    UBRocked VZW Nexus Please!!! VIP Member

    First of all, if you did a nandroid backup with SPRecovery that that recovery would be in the directory:


    Now, that backup is ONLY accessible using SPRecovery. If you flashed Clockwork recovery and installed using that recovery, SPRecovery is indeed gone. SPRecovery and Clockwork Recovery are both recovery images. Your phone can only have one recovery image loaded at a time (and the backups that each one make are NOT compatible).

    If you used ROM Manager to flash SPRecovery (located at the bottom of the first page of ROM Manager), then Clockwork Recovery would be deleted from your phone. If you install SPRecovery back on your phone...your old backup WILL be available to restore.

    You could restore your backup, flash Clockwork Recovery make a backup using Clockwork and now you have Smoked Glass 4.5 in a Clockwork compatible format.

    Does that make sense? Kind of hard to understand at first...but the more you use each...the more sense it will make.
  20. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian VIP Member

    Since Yankee and I obviously have very similar phones (time and time again we seem to be eye to eye when it comes to various ROMs' performance, or lack thereof, and issues related) I think we should be added to the testers list.

    (hint hint)

    OK, back to the topic - This ROM flies, right up until I push the 1200 kernel onto my phone. Then it starts doing stupid things like lagging a bit.

    I got over 24 hours of usages on the initial run of 1.6 - but I forgot that it was the stock kernel. After rectifying that situation I got issues galore - and all of them very very flaky issues too.

    1.6 overall still runs better than 1.5 did when using the same kernel, and 1.6 runs better when running stock. I might just leave that stock kernel alone, and leave my phone at 1000 MHz - b/c at the stock kernel on the stock ROM, it is still just as fast as any ROM / kernel combination I have ever used.

    2 good things come out of this - I am stressing my CPU less with a lower OC, and my battery will last longer for the same reason.

    Now, onto some other idiosyncrasies.

    I installed the black and bold theme, and while I like it a lot (A lot), I have to say that it is just too devoid of color for me. Optimally, replacing all the white with a cool baby bluish color I have developed would be awesome - but I have not the skills to do that on my own - yet. I have the tools necessary now, and I am going to take a stab at it and see if it works - but my biggest issue is probably going to be the apps that come installed with the ROM in system memory - while a black Twitter and Black FB looks nice, when I open Twitter an go the the main page the image is subtly 'flashing' - almost as if it is a low power (not low frequency) strobe effect. It gets annoying quickly.

    Then, there is the issue that even after completely removing Swype, I could not install it - it kept telling me it as already installed - but that could also be due to the fact that I used TiBu to restore it to test my theory that if you restore all of it including settings, then it works - once I did that I may have hosed future installs b/c of the data that was simply not being removed like it should have been...

    Finally, there is the issue where installing the ROM and the theme in he same pass in recovery leaves me with a temporarily bricked phone - another theory I was testing. It starts to load the first 5-6 frames of the bootanim, then cycles back to trying to load the same 5-06 frames, repeatedly. Obviously, this ROM requires hat you install and set up the ROM first and then reboot into recovery and install the them (or, at least it does on my phone....)

    I have the stock back on and I may try the smoked theme this time again - I still love the smoked theme a little bit better b/c I want smoke glass effects as opposed to black effects - but the android KB in B&B is by far the best themed stock IME I have seen in a long time.

    I am taking a whirl at making the B&B redux, and if that works, then I may make the Smoked redux as well - depends upon how well my image editing goes. If all goes well, I'll try to see if anyone else like it.

    Finally, a few thoughts: What could possibly be causing my phone to feel so sluggish when on a 1200 kernel that it is not doing on a 1000 kernel? I noticed that on 1200 when on interactive the phone would get hot pretty fast when browsing for simple things, so it may be the combination of those things and a few others....regardless, though, I am going to try several things different with this second install and see if manually setting everything up versus using TiBu helps me out in the long run or not.

    It's 2:36 AM here right now - I might be done by 6 AM with all this lol....
  21. jbulluck

    jbulluck Well-Known Member

    YES YES makes perfect sense!!! Thank you so much!!! Ya see I thought I would be sneaky and try to copy my old backup from SPR out of my Nandroid folder and paste it into my CwM folder and pray that it would work...well the progies were smarter than I and they won the battle! Lol...

    So before I go and do all this with how you explained it which was detailed and understandable (Thank you) I am wanting a program called DroidModUpdater and I know/believe I can only achieve this by having Android OS v2.0.1 on my phone...why would I want this you might ask because I will need to unroot my phone for warranty issues and I hear that this DroidModUpdater is an awesome app to have to root a phone with which I will need to do once I receive my new "refurbished" you agree with this??

    I have only rooted a phone once in my life back in March and I used DroidRootHelper which is no longer supported by the developer...I followed youtube videos from "Droid Review" because I found his tutorials easy to understand and well put together by him. He used DroidRootHelper and SPR so I followed in his footsteps...

    If you have a better suggestion then I am all ears...and eyes!!

    Thanks again, it is the type of correspondence and help from people like you that make this fun and enjoyable for people like me!!! You ROCK!!
  22. inssane

    inssane Well-Known Member

    My sentiments exactly. The lack of finite settings tweaks, ala CM6 source, really kept me with UD8 after I loaded LFY 1.6.
    Slayher was quick, but sucked battery even worse than 10% an hour, it was awful. Try Jakes 1200 - stable on UD8 and very fast benches.

    Thanks for your pennies
  23. ed2000

    ed2000 Active Member

    i would like to say thank you for this great rom..but im haveing trouble trying to figure out how to block ads on my apps ..does anyone know where that setting is at.thank you
  24. jbulluck

    jbulluck Well-Known Member

    Can you explain this a bit more into detail and I will try to help you...I havent seen this problem yet, thanks

    Edit..Are you talking about when you search for say a pizza place and the location markers pop up on the map so does the ads at the top??

    After doing some searching around I don't think there is a setting to turn that off in fact I read a write up regarding this same issue on that half eatin fruit device and it says Google reserves the right to place sponsored links on the maps...any one else have any input to add??
  25. gotwillk

    gotwillk Well-Known Member

    not sure if this was asked already there a significant improvement from 1.5?

    i'm on 1.5 right now and its working perfectly with the interactive governor. i just hit 44 hrs of battery life and the phone was still only at 15%. granted i used it sparingly on and off over those 44 hrs but still, i've never had this kind of battery life before. using the 1.2ghz kernel but clocked at 1ghz.

    so is there a reason to upgrade? i haven't noticed any hindrance in my performance or anything.

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