Liquid Frozen Yogurt v1.8 (Liquid H2O Edition Source ROM!!! Happy Halloween!!!)

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  1. twistedlim

    twistedlim Well-Known Member

    DarkEdge? Now that would be really nice...:)

  2. liquid0624

    liquid0624 Well-Known Member Developer

    So why do i continue to make ROMs if you people aren't going to use the latest one? There will be no vanilla version of the ROM anymore since majority of you like the black bar better. Colors i may have something in the works but its gonna take a bit to perfect it.
  3. omniphil

    omniphil Active Member

    I won't use the latest one unless its a vanilla version :)

    I haven't used any themes at all on any of your roms, I like the standard android version without any themes or color tweaks. I like plain and fast. Sounds like i'm a minority, but I would guess theres more out there than you think?
  4. Rodeojones

    Rodeojones Well-Known Member

    I was just hoping for the release of a "vanilla" version of your ROM so that Watermark'd might be made available to it (by the developer of the theme as you suggested in an earlier post). But I'm certainly open to other themes that you might release. For versions 1.4 and 1.5 I used your Blueberry theme. I'm just really enjoying Watermark'd right now. Since rooting I've not used a "vanilla" version of any ROM I've used. I do not like the blinding white status bar. I think the reason many of us are "waiting" is because we're not fans of a black and orange theme. I can't wait to use v1.8. I check on here multiple times each day hoping more themes have been released for this version. I do not like black and orange, so I'm willing to stick with v1.71 (since it's pretty much near perfect on my phone) until more options with your newest version are released.

    Thanks for your wonderful work, Liquid.
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  5. GirLuvsDroid

    GirLuvsDroid Well-Known Member

    If someone wants to port Watermark'd, then it can be ported over the H2O themed version of the ROM. I know this because I ported my own theme to v1.8, over the H2O theme.
  6. sanders803

    sanders803 New Member

    When I rooted mine, the H2O ver. was out. I wish I could find somewhere to DL some of the themes for 1.7 so I could try them out! Also, I love the keyboard in 1.8 and wish I could find out which it is...
  7. digdug1

    digdug1 Well-Known Member

    no need to be testy:(. i simply dislike the black and orange and im afraid that some orange remnants will carry over to the next theme. i have always downloaded the vanilla versions and made a nandroid backup before applying themes.
  8. twistedlim

    twistedlim Well-Known Member

    I am guessing that Liquid looked at the number of downloads and can figure out what is popular as far as themes. I would think it is tedious to keep updating the themes. I have been able to flash the 1.7 themes over 1.8 without a problem (well one, the icon for voice search and voice dial are both orange in the app tray) but Liquid says beware. Unfortunatly the stock download is not a seperate theme. I am looking forward to the new theme when it comes out. Heck we can always run 1.71 with the stock theme...nothing wrong with it.
  9. GTSchubert

    GTSchubert Member

  10. twistedlim

    twistedlim Well-Known Member

    Originally Posted by omniphil [​IMG]
    I've flashed this rom twice, wiping each time. Can't seem to get google to redownload all the installed apps, it did sync my contacts, but that's it. Odd...

    If I go to the market and look at the list of downloaded apps it only shows the ones I've purchased and the ones native to the rom as being installed, doesn't show any of the other ones....

    I tried a clean install just to have the Halloween version and the apps would not come up. I could not even get the market to add them manually. It worked fine when I wiped over 1.71 though.
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  11. liquid0624

    liquid0624 Well-Known Member Developer

    Hey twisted you have a clue its very very tedious
  12. selvikin

    selvikin Well-Known Member

    Hey twisted, didn't think of doing just a wipeover install, but its fixed my fb sync issues.

    My d1 must be a weird one because I did the install to the t from your instructions, and had both the market issue and the fb sync issue. I had tried adding the fb account through accounts & sync. If I had already logged into fb, it would just go back to accounts & sync w/o adding it. If I wasn't logged in it would take me to the fb app to log in, but still wouldn't sync after login.

    Quick q, when I slide my keyboard it unlocks, that a new feature?

    Edit: And just found out Facebook for android is upgraded to 1.4. LoL
  13. twistedlim

    twistedlim Well-Known Member

    I have no clue:D What you do is way beyond me.
  14. x2ruff4u

    x2ruff4u New Member

    Great rom! I switched over from Bugless beast v5. The battery life is actually better. I thought I would hold my comment until I started using it more. It's about a 20-30% increase in battery life. I'm even running the VR tunnel live wallpaper now. Granted I have it set like before. (advanced task manager auto kill/set cpu screen off 400-250):)

    I don't really like the orange theme to much and I hope you will release some themes soon. It works great for me! Thank you for releasing this great rom!
  15. Amrov

    Amrov Well-Known Member

    I like to flash LFY roms with no themes. (if you come out with purple, i'll rethink that.). Question - what might motivate me to upgrade from 1.7? What are the great new improvements & features? I read the stuff in the first post of the thread but that didn't really answer my question. I knew I wanted to go to 1.7 from 1.6 to fix speed issues and it did. But I'm not sure why I might want to upgrade again. Nudge me anyone?
  16. thaDroidz

    thaDroidz Well-Known Member

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  17. liquid4life

    liquid4life New Member

    Hey man, get off your high horse. I know its my first post, but I have to say you seem to be a little arrogant and maybe frustrated. Go have a beer or five. LFY 1.71 was and is great, but why did you remove all links to the themes for that rom? I love your work, but you seem to be a little bit of an ass. Good luck with your future adventures.
  18. docdl

    docdl Active Member

    I was poking around ROM Manager and found GFlam Live Wire theme lists LFY 1.8 as a supported ROM. Thinking about trying it. Anyone try it yet?

    I agree with the general sentiment I'm reading in this thread that the Halloween theme isn't a great choice for a default. It is pretty in your face, though I suppose many themes are. If most seem to like black bar -- well, this isn't it. This is just offered as one user/fan's opinion.

    Like @Amrov, I'm looking for compelling reasons to move from 1.71 to 1.8. I read the changelog and didn't see anything jump out. I wonder if it may simply be too early for 1.8. I think what we might be seeing is that the changes are too slight to warrant a new version. It sounds like there are some pretty cool features coming and the bugs are being worked out now. To me, THAT sounds like a reason to upgrade!

    Of course, many who root like to try the latest and greatest. That's why I am probably going to try 1.8 now anyway!
  19. GirLuvsDroid

    GirLuvsDroid Well-Known Member

    A few people over at DF have tried it, and have reported that the theme fixes issues with automatic brightness and FB sync not working. If you want to wait, Liquid is working on a patch for those issues, as well as a couple of new themes.
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  20. Rodeojones

    Rodeojones Well-Known Member

    Liquid0624...Don't listen to this guy. None of us who truly appreciate your hard work and dedication think anything negative about you. You do not seem arrogant or like an ass to me at all. I love what you do and look forward to the patches and new themes that GirLuvsDroid is referring to.
  21. sanders803

    sanders803 New Member

    I am runnin Live Wire over 1.8. I did not wipe. I had a few glitches at 1200, nandroid..., installed at 1100 and all is good so far!
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  22. twistedlim

    twistedlim Well-Known Member

    I don't think he is arrogant or frustrated. He just tweeked the rom and probably did not feel like going through the tedium of tweeking all the themes. It has to get old after a while. Lets all wait and see what he comes up with via the new theme. There are plenty of vanilla, smoked and watermarked themed roms out there as it is.
  23. liquid0624

    liquid0624 Well-Known Member Developer

    Thanks guys hopefully your ROM problems and colors will be broadened in a day or two stay tuned and don't forget to support our team and donate see we can keep bringing you bad ass stuff to your droid :)
  24. Frank Grimes

    Frank Grimes Well-Known Member

    Thank you. Been busy the past week and a half and hopped on today and saw this. Take your time making your superb ROMS and you'll have a donation coming your way tomorrow after I get paid. Been meaning to but keep forgetting.

    Thanks again.
  25. YankeeDudeL

    YankeeDudeL Well-Known Member

    Hello all,

    As I previously mentioned, the Market didn't sync for me, either. Not the biggest deal if you have TiBu (and just about everyone does, and prefers it). I was having the FB sync issues as well. I kept getting the authentication error, which was quite annoying. Signing in solved the prob, but would get the same message after a while, and every time I rebooted. One more issue, I couldn't get Weather Widget to work, just keep getting N/A. This does happen from time to time when I flash a new ROM, but usually fixing permissions or updating Busybox (I don't know why that's helped, but it has) does the trick, which it did not.

    I kept it for about 24 hours before went back to 1.71. Wasn't completely intolerable, just was lazy and new I wouldn't get a chance to get back to it for a while. Was hoping to see Watermark'd or some cool new theme available by now, but I think we're all hoping someone else contacts these themers. All gravy, I know it's coming. 1.71 was so awesome, it's not really a step back while we all wait for 1.8 to be at full force.

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