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  1. Shamwari

    Shamwari New Member

    When using my liquid metal to make calls, the person I am calling often complains that I sound low or distant. After swapping phones with someone else and listening to how my sounds, it's like the mic is faulty. However, using Viber, the call quality is brighter, so I doubt if the mic is defective.

    From reading about similar complaints with other androids, I see that some have changed their vocoder settings to enable EVRC-B, and this appears to have had varying degrees of success.

    Despite researching and trying various things, I've drawn a complete blank in trying to figure a way of determining my phones vocoder settings, let alone trying to change them. :(

    Has anyone come across issues like this with this phone, or can someone advise me if what I am trying to do can actually be done?

  2. gazzfromoz

    gazzfromoz New Member

    Silly question but do you have in a neoprene type case ???
    These cause echo and other problems with metal and samsung etc


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