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Liquid on 2.1

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  1. Lancewood

    Lancewood Active Member

    Runnin 2.1 on my Liquid, still testing for stability. Doesnt seem to be as responsive as previously runnin Donut but the ui is more intuitive and touch gesture more fluid/smoother. Will update later.

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  2. n1tro

    n1tro Active Member

    you running the leaked 2.1? I'm running Evil's 1.9 rom based off the leaked 2.1. It's more responsive. Main concern is battery life, hopefully it's fixed in 2.1.
  3. Lancewood

    Lancewood Active Member

    Batt life seems to be about the same when i was runnin 1.6......heavy use with all the bells/whistles 10 hours.
  4. BDL

    BDL Member

    Rooted mine at the weekend, instructions courtesy of the Unlockr. Finding 2.1 very "laggy" and not very responsive. Going to re-install original 1.6 and wait for the official upgrade from Acer, which should be soon.

    Found that I couldn't get a few apps to load, well appear on the market - namely Wordpress and Barcode scanner.

    I like the live wallpaper and the fact that it has 5 screens, but it's just not responsive enough.

    Also found that if I get a missed call (yes it is a phone after all!!) the whole system locks up and I can't get it to come out of standby.

    So does anyone have or know where I can get the Acer_Liquid_1.008.00_EMEA_GEN1.bin file from?? The one linked to on the Unlockr website is a .rar file and nothing extracts from it?!?!

    .......Got it and back on 1.6
  5. Lancewood

    Lancewood Active Member

    BTW do you guys still encounter device hang( with the top 3 flashin led) on 1.6? Currently runnin Acer_LiquidE_0.004.01_EMEA_GEN1 for >3 weeks now and has since hung once. Phone is mostly 24/7.
    BDL - sry i only have Acer_Liquid_1.002.03_EMEA_GEN1.
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  6. BDL

    BDL Member

    Not once, but suffered it on 2.1. If I had a missed call it would freeze

    Not a problem about the 1.6 .bin file. Managed to unzip it properly!!:D
  7. mesovortex888

    mesovortex888 Active Member

    I have my liquid updated to the latest 2.1 leak (0.0008.06) then flash Liberated v1.2 ROM and it is just great. I love the new 2.1 bin has multitouch and work on google map :)
  8. Lancewood

    Lancewood Active Member

    I do not have any issues on miss calls and the system hang was a very random thing. I had more stability issues when on Donut.
  9. gtgeorgz

    gtgeorgz New Member

    I'm on:
    NO, i'm not telling you how i got the update :D
  10. Lancewood

    Lancewood Active Member

    Not gonna take long before its leaked, your just gettin a head start :) same kernel version.
  11. Jayziac

    Jayziac Well-Known Member

    More importantly, how is it running? any bugs or stability issues? liquid.modaco.com and xda-developers.com are where the modders hang out.
  12. Lancewood

    Lancewood Active Member

    Downloading Acer_LiquidE_0.010.00_EMEA_GENX, will feedback later tomorrow.
  13. BDL

    BDL Member


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  14. Lancewood

    Lancewood Active Member

  15. gtgeorgz

    gtgeorgz New Member

    They have just realised update2, but i still need to flash onto my phone. :) Will report back soon on any major changes.


    yeah it's pretty stable, its does have one annoying problem where SMS's Aren't pushed through, meaning you have to restart the phone. But this happens only rarely.

    Seems quick as well, even though the phone i'm using has 256mb ram, but soon to be upgraded to 512mb. Plus it hasn't crashed on me yet, which is always good :D
  16. BDL

    BDL Member

    Nothing on UK Acer site :-(
  17. Jayziac

    Jayziac Well-Known Member

    I flashed the LiquidE_0.014f.01_EMEA_GEN1 that was leaked a couple of days ago. It's running very stable, a few slowdowns & annoying haptic touch still on when dialing #'s and unlock swiping. But I can live with that. Acer added more junk apps since 1.6, which can't be removed unless it's rooted. Wish they would've just spent more effort getting the HW working smoothly first and releasing it sooner than adding the extra junk that aren't much better than downloaded apps.
  18. bais

    bais Member

    Hello gtgeorgz so, is there any major changes in the update2?
  19. BDL

    BDL Member

    Acer UK confirmed it's on its way to me but don't have a definitive date!
  20. HustlinDaily

    HustlinDaily Well-Known Member

    The final bin is available on modaco. Gonna wait til the next iteration of LCR comes out. Malez is pretty quick on this stuff usually.
  21. gtgeorgz

    gtgeorgz New Member

    Nothing major unfortunately, but they have seem to of fixed the system hang.
    But a few bugs :
    Data connection doesn't work all the time
    Does not connect to WiFi networks.

    Hopefully these will be addressed in the next update. :)
  22. Jayziac

    Jayziac Well-Known Member

    I've been running the stock LiquidE_1.100.05_EMEA final build for about a week now and haven't noticed any major problems. Definitely stable. One thing that I personally find annoying is haptic feedback isn't completely turned off in the dialer, swipe unlock, and answering phone swipe. It's turned off everywhere else when the setting is unchecked.

    Battery life is about the same as 1.6, default launcher is slightly jerkier (maybe it's just me), but I installed helixlauncher replacement and it's as fast as 1.6 again. Audio is quieter, but from someone else who did a spectrum analysis, it's MUCH better than 1.6.

    Camera app is a big improvement. I like the touchscreen shutter button, easier to press than the hardware button, plus it doesn't add additional shake when snapping a photo.
  23. n1tro

    n1tro Active Member

    Been using the Community build 1.6 (Android 2.1) from xda-developers and seems to work well. Battery last 2 days (similar to Android 1.6) which is awesome. No crashes yet so very happy.
  24. Samt2992

    Samt2992 Member

    Where can you actually get the 2.1 update? I know it isnt official yet.
    But anyone know if they've actually said if there is an official one, or just rumours..?
  25. BDL

    BDL Member

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