LiquidNext CM 7.1 - All hardware working!

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  1. Messerchmidt

    Messerchmidt New Member

    as I had not seen a thread about this build on this forum, I thought I would post.

    Android 2.3.7 based and all the hardware seems to be working on my liquid e. Make sure you wipe the phone and cache three times before writing this image once in recovery mode. Using v1.9.2 flashed off the sd-card.

  2. Messerchmidt

    Messerchmidt New Member

  3. HustlinDaily

    HustlinDaily Well-Known Member

    Really do love this ROM.

    It is awesome to see this device still relevant thanks to Suxem, Pasto, Koud, Roggin, Phh, Malez.
  4. DashRipRock

    DashRipRock Member

    Just started to use this ROM. Quite an improvement. I can't believe the number of settings. It's going to take a while to get use to where they all are.

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