List of apps to safely remove, 2.3.3

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  1. Rafael

    Rafael Well-Known Member

    Here is my list of removed apps on my phone running Android 2.3.3.
    I can't say if anyone else has tried all of them.
    (*) If you want to be more cautious than I, do not remove the ones wth and asterisk before the name. Some need a replacement app before you can remove, as noted. Some are ones I removed, and I cannot find a problems removal caused.
    The rest are only needed if you want them. The system could not care less if you remove them. You DO need to have your GMail account set up on the phone if you want to use any Google service: Googles backup, sync, Market, etc.

    411 Search 1.0.9 (cannot figure out what it does, but no problems removing)
    Adventure Training (Part of GzGear)
    Apps 1.03.97 (Verizon app package of some sort, I don't use Verizon apps)
    Backup Assistant (Verizon backup, redundant to Googles backup)
    Bing (Search engine, loaded Google instead)
    Books (I refuse to read a book on this little screen)
    Calendar (I use Touchdown for Exchange support, my Cal/mail/tasks work via that program)
    Calendar Storage (Only needed if you keep calendar)
    Car mode 1.0 (Don't have a car dock, the dock mode looks worthless)
    Car Mode 1.0 (make that "double" worthless)
    City ID (It's a pay service, tells you where a call is originating from)
    Clock Widget 2.3.3 (the clock on the notification bar works for me)
    Cloud 1.0 (screensaver or wallpaper) 1.1.0 (GzGear)
    * 1.0 (?)
    * 1.0 (?) Added 9-17-2011
    * 2.2.1 (?)
    Compass 1.1.1 (I prefer to use an app called GPS-Status)
    Deep Sea (screensaver/wallpaper)
    *DRM Protected Content Storage 2.3.3 (Digital rights management)
    Earth Compass 1.1.0 (See Compass, above)
    Email (installed K9 Email from Market)
    GzGear 1.0 (No need for any of it)
    Gmail (added my GMail account to normal email app, don't need 2 email apps)
    Google Calendar Sycn 2.3.4 (only needed if you use Calendar)
    Growing Tree 1.0 (screensaver or wallpaper)
    Guided tours (I think I can figure out how to use a phone)
    *Home 2.3.3 (running Zeam, a nice minimal launcher app) Do not delete without a replacement running!
    Honeycomb pattern (screensaver or wallpaper)
    *InnopathAvtiveCare (you will not get updates without this)
    Live Wallpaper Picker 2.3.3 (no explanation req'd)
    Memo 2.3.3 (dumb little voice-memo tool)
    Mirage 1.0 (screensaver or wallpaper)
    Mobile IM (I think this is Verizons own IM program, how many do we need?)
    Moonrise Moonset (I am not nocturnal, fangs are minimal)
    My Verizon Mobile (Never worked right, supposed to be app that gives you acct/useage info)
    NFL Mobile (wtf do I want football info for?)
    Pedometer (I don't need a phone to tall me how far I have walked)
    *PVWMDRMProxy 1.0 (?)
    *PVWmdrmService 1.0 (more drm)
    Rainy Day Popup (tells you to bring an umbrella if reports predict protect phone? LOL)
    *Setup wizard 1.0 (help you set up accounts, not really needed)
    *Setup wizard 1.3 (not sure why there are two)
    Shockwave 1.0 (screensaver/wallpaper)
    Shootingstar 1.0 (screensaver/wallpaper)
    Skype Mobile (internet video calling)
    Slacker (an internet radio-like app)
    Social Beat (I don't know but I thought that was normally a solo activity)
    Sound Recorder 2.3.3 (no need)
    Star Gazer (GzGear, crappy star-finder app, I thought Google-Sky was better, have neither loaded)
    Sun / Moon (GzGear, Sun/moon set app)
    Sunrise/sunset (GzGear, sun rise/set app)
    Sync Service (Verizon sysnc service, when I do sync, prefer to just use the Google stuff)
    Thermometer (GzGear crap, Why?, phones thermometers are not very accurate)
    Tides 1.1.0 (GzGear, Yes, there are two different apps)
    Tides 1.1.2
    Trip Memory (GzGear crap)
    VCast Media manager
    VCast Music
    VCast Tones
    VCast Videos
    Virtual Trek 1.1.1 (GzGear to let you run/trek against an opponent, I guess)
    Voice Control VSuite (voice command program, not impressed)
    VoiceMemo 1.0 (voice memo app)
    Voicemail 1.0 (I didnt want to pay for VVM, and this app just slows you down if you want to use regular VM)
    VPN Client (I don't use Virtual Private Networking)
    VPN services (I don't use VPN)
    VZ Navigator (I prefer Google Maps)
    VZW Package Installer 1.0 (I assume this is for getting apps from Verizon store)
    VZW SMS Filter Service 1.1.2 (No idea)
    Walking counter 1.0 (GzGear, Another pedometer?)
    Waterproof 1.0 (wallpaper/screensaver)
    Weather 1.0 (standalone weather widget, not part of the news/weather widget)

    You can also delete XT9 keyboard, IF you load another keyboard app. I have not yet found one I like.
    I count 73 apps that can be removed safely, so far. "No, this phone doesn't have any bloatware!?!"

  2. Rafael

    Rafael Well-Known Member

    You can also remove the PicoTTS and TTS if you don't want speech.

    You can remove the new Status Bar app....but of course you will lose the status bar.
    I tried does not cause any system problems. It was part of another app in version 2.2.1. I will remove it as soon as I find a suitable replacement.

    In 2.3.3, Sim Toolkit seems to be connected with text messaging.....I left it installed this time.
  3. wrxbrah

    wrxbrah Member

    whats the apps 1.03.97?
  4. Rafael

    Rafael Well-Known Member

    Some sort of Verizon app package.....has something to do with apps purchased from Verizon. I would never use any Verizon app.......never seen one that did not have a superior and cheaper counterpart from the Google Market.
  5. jova33

    jova33 Well-Known Member

    I'm not seeing this in my list of apps in titanium?
  6. Rafael

    Rafael Well-Known Member

    Are you running 2.3.3?
    The app has a shopping-cart logo when veiwed in Titanium.

    I am sure it came with 2.3.3 because I backed it up after the update was applied.
  7. jova33

    jova33 Well-Known Member

    Yes, with 2.3.3. That app never existed. I got a certified like new device with the update already installed. I kept the same sd card, so even the backups from before the update are on it. I back up everything.
  8. scottfarcuz

    scottfarcuz Active Member

    so are you freezing or removing apps this round?
  9. Rafael

    Rafael Well-Known Member

    I know I did not have it before 2.3.3.
    I certainly did not download it, but it is a Verizon app.
    It is a mystery.

    I was only freezing apps, but as before.....some of them won't go away without uninstalling so I have uninstalled everything on the list above.
  10. jova33

    jova33 Well-Known Member

    I have vcast apps 1.00.324 with a shopping cart icon. I noticed that's not on your list.
  11. Rafael

    Rafael Well-Known Member

    I am guessing that is the same app we were discussing above.
    The app has a VCast icon, but on my phone is is only called "Apps" and has a different version number.

    I guess you have proven that factory-updated devices contain different versions of apps. This is interesting.
  12. graywulf

    graywulf Member

    Has anyone attempted to remove Desktop Cradle?
  13. rjglenn

    rjglenn Well-Known Member

    Yes, I removed it and then when I put my phone in the desk cradle it didn't go into cradle mode. I like the cradle mode so I restored it. If you don't want it, remove it. It won't make any difference to the phone.
  14. watts1979

    watts1979 New Member

    Something i found is that after removing Nuance (junk imo) my bluetooth launch button doesn't launch voice dialer and cant find a default adjustment setting tried Bluetooth Launch to no avail
  15. Mud-and-Guts

    Mud-and-Guts Member

    Thanks again Rafael! Very much appreciated...
  16. evnp

    evnp Member

    I have backed up and uninstalled most apps on the list, is it ok to delete the back up files of the apps I know I will never want? That is quite a list and most of it I believe I will never want. No sense and letting them take up memory.
  17. Rafael

    Rafael Well-Known Member

    It will not change the way your phone functions......just be sure you will not need them.

    My removal list is just my list. It is possible I removed something that you may miss, or even I may miss it and need to reload it. Keep that in mind.

    I have erased backups of some of them just as you plan, so I do agree that some can go. Just remember "you" are responsible. :)
  18. Rafael

    Rafael Well-Known Member

    Here is another interesting tip when using Titanium Pro:

    Once you delete all the apps you will discover you have loads of ROM space available. You can convert user apps to system apps and this moves them to ROM, freeing up tons of RAM space. It also makes the users apps undeleteable....unless you use Titanium to delete them.

    At one point running 2.2.1 I had 330 meg of RAM free. :)
  19. rjglenn

    rjglenn Well-Known Member

    On my phone...

    When I moved the wi-fi tethering app to the phone it would force close. Even if I wiped the cache afterwards. Everything else that I am using that I wouldn't want to loose in a reboot has been added to the ROM.

    Just for S's & G's, one of you all who have rooted 2.3.3, please do a factory reset and see if your phone stays rooted. Mine won't and I am curious if it's just me.
  20. Rafael

    Rafael Well-Known Member

    That sucks.

    I have been a little busy, and may not get to it for a few days. Maybe this weekend i will have time to give it a whirl?

    I have never done a reset without setting everything back up...never needed to.
    Can I just do a new program/data backup in Titanium and then restore it after the reset(assuming root is maintained) and not have to do any manual recovery at all?
  21. rjglenn

    rjglenn Well-Known Member

    That should work. Of course if you add your favorite apps to the ROM they won't be deleted so you won't be able to restore them. And you might have to reroot before you can run titanium.
  22. Rafael

    Rafael Well-Known Member

    Will do. I will still wait for the weekend....I have one app I use for work (Touchdown) that requires a certificate that I don't have a copy of here at home. Every time I screw with the phone I have to reload a fresh copy of that cert and it get stored in an unretrievable way one it is loaded into my program. I have no idea where it stores it.

    Can't afford to be down tomorrow morning.
  23. evnp

    evnp Member

    Thanks Rafael, I did uninstall most of my list. I have 2 problems, first I think I uninstalled an app I was not supposed too, I think it was com.cinq?????? it is located right after city id which was my target. Anyone know what this is? Second, after deleting most of the above list, my available rom never changed from 89.7 Mb, and my sytem ram moved from 203 Mb available to 204 Mb. Did I do something wrong?
  24. Rafael

    Rafael Well-Known Member

    It sounds like you did not uninstall them....that you only "froze" them.
    If you only freeze them they stay in ROM.
    I have 148 meg of ROM free.

    I don't have a file called com.cinq on my phone. Either than name is wrong or it is part of a user app that you installed.
  25. evnp

    evnp Member

    Thanks again, I never froze any apps. I backed up and then uninstalled. I went to the bottom of the titanium list where all the apps I uninstalled were located and crossed out. I then deleted the back up file and none of those apps are now located anywhere in titanium. I thought it was strange that I gained so little rom space. Perhaps the back up files were not located in the rom? The phone works great anyhow.

    On a side note I have a quailty testament to the phone. I own a septic business and I literally dropped the phone into a septic tank today. I was seriously pissed after all the work I have done to this phone to get it where I wanted. I was faced with a serious dilemna. I decided that paying full price for a new phone and all the trouble of rooting and debloating was too much. I pump the tank down to near nothing, was able to see the phone laying on the bottom of the tank. I switched suction line to a 2 inch line and was able to suction the phone to the end of the hose and pulled it out sucessfully. I then rinsed off with water, brought it home, put it in a small bucket of water with about a cup of bleach and let it soak for about 20 minutes. Bottom line, the phone works 100 percent although, I can not get the bleach smell out. Try doing that to an Iphone.

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