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  1. log1c

    log1c Well-Known Member

    • Worse battery life.
    • GPS not locking on signal.
    • Keyboard lag.
    • Problems connecting to AT&T voice network.
    • GPS and battery functions showing large data usage.
    • Contacts crashing. Contact doubling in texts (see below).
    • Screen freezes during web browsing.
    • Greater memory usage.
    • Camera malfunctions.
    • Wi-Fi constantly scanning, disconnects and huge data downloads.
    • Note this kind of problem has been reported on the in other Samsung Galaxy S II models when updated to ICS 4.03 which was fixed for many with 4.04.
    • Some workarounds include performing a factory data reset or creating a new Wi-Fi network on the phone using 2.4GHz only.
    • Another fix is to Go to the Wi-Fi settings, click and hold the network you have saved eg:linksys, go to modify network config , then tick a box for show Advanced options, .. Change from DHCP to static.
    • Use Wi-Fi button on the power savings widget to turn on/off and Go Settings, Wireless and networks + more, enable and disable Wi-Fi Direct.
    Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket Update to Android 4.04 ICS with Bugs Reported | WIRELESS AND MOBILE NEWS

    This will not all happen to everyone, these are just a few things people have reported, and wanted to let you know if you experience these, you aren't alone, hopefully Samsung/At&t rolls out an update to address certain issues.

  2. BillCosby

    BillCosby Active Member

    My battery life is much better! I found that in the Play store when you click on a game or app and then hit the back button to return to the list it starts from the top. Having to scroll all the way back to where you where on the list is annoying. I've had a few apps crash and camera freezes while deleting a video (freezes when you hit 'OK' to delete).
  3. mac1679

    mac1679 Well-Known Member

    My biggest issue is general screen/system freezing issues. It doesn't happen in any one specific app, just happens a lot and it's really annoying. The phone used to be really fast on GB, now I'm scared to do anything bc the phone might freeze.
  4. log1c

    log1c Well-Known Member

    I have noticed some slight freezes but usually after awhile a pop up message will show up telling me something crashed like the browser, which I don't mind, although wish nothing crashed haha.

    BUT, I did encounter a lot of crashes on GB, so so far ICS is working well for me, but I do notice that the ICS doesn't run as smooth and fast as GB.
  5. Skyroket

    Skyroket Well-Known Member

  6. Showme

    Showme Active Member

    Strange situation that I have learned to expect but not explain. Has anyone opened up your email program and suddenly all the emails received disappear? Without touching a button, they just go away! Even the counter at the top goes to zero.

    If I back out of the app, and click on it again, the emails reappear like normal.

    FINALLY, a select all for deleting old stuff......KUDOS for that one!
  7. BigCiX

    BigCiX Well-Known Member

    All you guys having problems should factory reset then connect to kies are re-update.
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  8. red30

    red30 Member

    I've been experiencing the following common issues...

    [*]Keyboard lag.
    [*]Screen freezes during web browsing.
    [*]Wi-Fi constantly scanning, disconnects and huge data downloads.

    More specifically I've experienced.
    1. Not connecting to the router in my house automatically. This actually screwed me over because I downloaded 200MB in podcasts thinking I was connected to my home network but it actually downloaded in 4G taking up my monthly data allotment.

    2. Freezing when I try to unlock to answer a call. This pisses me off because I'm trying to answer a call and it won't let me.

    3. If I get a text message and try to respond by touching the text input box the keyboard does not appear.
    I have to exit the text message and go back in to respond to a text.

    These things are really annoying.

    Lastly, I've also noticed that ICS lags and hesitates more than GB.
  9. AK1021

    AK1021 Active Member

    Is this version being released different from the 4.0.4 leak from a couple months ago? I updated then and I am having zero issues with my skyrocket.
  10. mac1679

    mac1679 Well-Known Member

    Is this a know correction, or just a suggestion?
  11. BigCiX

    BigCiX Well-Known Member

  12. jhimbo

    jhimbo Member

    Me too I have no problem updating with 4.0.4. Battery life has improved better than with gb.
  13. mdanderson

    mdanderson Active Member

    I installed ics through Kies last week and I noticed my phone to be slower or lagging somewhat. The main thing that was a deal breaker for me was the functioning of the stock email program. Half of the time I would get my email from work and half of the time I would not. I also would not get an audible notification for most of the time. I have to have my work email so ics did not work for me.

    I ended up going to an ATT Device Service Center in the Dallas area where I live and they were able to flash me back to GB 2.3.6. My phone is working great again.
  14. shannan36

    shannan36 New Member

    Hi i just upgraded to ics and i can not get my contacts back!! i backed it up before upgrading and then after i restored and none of my contacts are on my phone!! any help i would appriciate! thank you
  15. redrider67

    redrider67 Well-Known Member

    Bold issues below were the issues I was having I ended up doing a factory reset and AT&T sent me a new sim card which took care of all my issues.

  16. Outbackdream

    Outbackdream Member

    When the updated version of ICS does roll out, would I have to update to ICS first and then to the new soft?

    Also, I heard backing up everything and doing a factory reset helps as some of the issues are caused by using GB apps. Is this correct?

  17. Shivalingam

    Shivalingam New Member

    Yes, after updating to ICS, I also face the problem of screen freezing, when I am try to unlock to answer a call; this happens at anytime suddenly.
    Also the screen freezes, when in contacts screen
  18. log1c

    log1c Well-Known Member

    anyone know how to fix the lag? everything seems to respond much slower
  19. neanders2

    neanders2 Member

    I used Kies to update to ICS, but I don't see an option for do a factory reset from within Kies, or an option for reinstalling the new firmware...
  20. pmd5555

    pmd5555 New Member

    Help tried to upgrade phone on kies and it got stuck and now there is error and it will not boot is there anything i can do to fix this/. Can i restore it to original settings still or is the phone a goner>
  21. manansomani

    manansomani New Member

    my skyrocket is showing only default google voice typing... keyboard options have gone ... pls advice

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