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List of Emulators

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  1. jasperwill

    jasperwill Well-Known Member

    i think we should have a thread of a list of emulators available on the market. (and off with links) and include what phones they work on.
    can the community please help me make a list of these?
    i will try to keep up with the emulators people post but people may need to search the posts for some that i miss.

    this guide should help people setup the PSX emulator if they have issues:

    ok so far we have:
    Gameboid (GBA)
    SNesoid (SNES)
    Nesoid (NES)
    Genssoid (Sega Genesis)
    Gearoid (Gamegear)
    uae4droid (Amiga emulator)
    CPS2HD or CPS2 (capcom play system 2 arcade)
    Frodo (commodore 64)
    cAndy Apple (apple //e)
    Android Acrade (MAME)
    Jrioni Arcade (as of 6/5/2010 it supports 1943,Circus Charlie, and Moon Patrol)
    Tiger mame
    PSX4DROID (Playstation 1)

    NON Market:
    ScummVM port in progress - 2 June 2010 - Android Games Development
    Android DosBox
    Vice 2.2 (C64 emu) - 8 June 2010 - Android Games Development

  2. Jedii

    Jedii Well-Known Member

    If you search in the Market, you will find:
    Sega Genesis
  3. jasperwill

    jasperwill Well-Known Member

    great start, but are these are just the consoles that are being emulated.
    what are the names of the EMU apps and which ones are the best for what devices?
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  4. Jedii

    Jedii Well-Known Member

    Gameboid (GBA)
    SNesoid (SNES)
    Nesoid (NES)
    Genssoid (Sega Genesis)
    Gearoid (Gamegear)

    I have all of these. Paid versions because you are allowed to save/load.

    I also HIGHLY recommend you download ROMbuddy. Its $0.99. Best ROM downloads out there.
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  5. mrmojoz

    mrmojoz Well-Known Member

    There are several emulators for arcade games as well. They aren't as polished as the console emulators though.
  6. frmovrfnctn

    frmovrfnctn Well-Known Member

    anyone else having issues with Nesoid multitouch support DPad+A/B button at the same time
  7. jojitsu

    jojitsu Well-Known Member

    CPS2HD is unbelievably good when used with wiimote and Street Fighter Alpha 2 ROM, 100% smooth with the best graphics!!.. Took me a while to figure out how to use it though..
  8. mrmojoz

    mrmojoz Well-Known Member

    Two button SF2? :(
  9. jojitsu

    jojitsu Well-Known Member

    I know, not ideal, but you can still have a great game with a kick and a punch (and you can map the +,- A, & home key if you want)...

    It's the best gaming I have done so far on an android (N1), or any phone for that matter...
  10. daymo

    daymo Member

    Don't forget about the Amiga emulator ...uae4droid....

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  11. sofa king

    sofa king Member

    Not sure if this is the right thread to ask this, but here it goes. Are there emulators that you can use on your pc to emulate an android phone? So that maybe you can load and play some of the android games that do not have a pc version like air control and blow up?
  12. sodaboy581

    sodaboy581 Well-Known Member

    I do, I tried to play Megaman 3 and if I walk left with the D-pad, then tap jump twice, I start to move right and shoot instead for as long as I hold the jump button. It's kind of ridiculous.

    Looks like playing action games with the Virtual D-Pad/Buttons is a no go. Will be waiting for a decent Bluetooth controller solution on my Incredible.
  13. Forge94

    Forge94 Well-Known Member

    As for multitouch, I have no problems. Make sure you set the button layout to "Top-bottom" or bottom- top. I prefer top- bottom because then your fingers don't cover the game on the left side.
  14. sodaboy581

    sodaboy581 Well-Known Member

    It's easy to cause the multitouch problem... just hold a button while you change directions then keep tapping the button.

    I'll upload a video of it later.
  15. jasperwill

    jasperwill Well-Known Member

    there is one for developers, im not sure where to get it or anything just know it exists sorry.
  16. xmr405o

    xmr405o Well-Known Member

  17. sofa king

    sofa king Member

    Thanks, I appreciate it. :)
  18. Demache

    Demache Well-Known Member

  19. sodaboy581

    sodaboy581 Well-Known Member

    Finally got around to recording a video on the Incredible! YouTube - NESoid terrible touch controls

    You can make it mix up other buttons, but that's a good example of how bad the touch controls are.
  20. jasperwill

    jasperwill Well-Known Member

    What game is that. (i can't tell on the video). Obviously Mario but which one. id like to duplicate your problem on my DINC
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  21. sodaboy581

    sodaboy581 Well-Known Member

    Megaman 3.
  22. jasperwill

    jasperwill Well-Known Member

    LOL, i see that now. I guess mario cant shoot pellets from his ARM in a straight line huh?
    Ok thanks.
  23. Rob_A

    Rob_A Well-Known Member

    I'm surprised there is no MAME for droid yet. Or maybe this is and I haven't seen it yet?
  24. jasperwill

    jasperwill Well-Known Member

    Personally wasn't able to recreate what u were getting in that video. Do u have the newest update?
    Maybe im just doing it wrong.
  25. sodaboy581

    sodaboy581 Well-Known Member

    I wasn't at the latest version of NESoid in the video, was at the version just before the latest. I have now updated to the latest version and it seems to be a bit better with touch on the Incredible now, but still is a little wonky.

    Here's a couple of things you can recreate on the new one with Megaman 3 using full touch screen controls... (I had pad, A & B at the bottom, select and start @ the top)

    Scenario one:

    1. Walk to the left (hold left) while tapping jump with the A button.
    2. While holding A after a jump, press right on the D-pad. Your initial input of right will cause Megaman to fire his Blaster (normally done with the B button, but you didn't touch B at all.)

    Scenario two:

    1. Walk to the left (hold left) while tapping the Blaster with the B button.
    2. Keep holding B, then attempt to walk to the right, by pressing right on the D-pad. Either Megaman will not move to the right, he'll BARELY move to the right, or he'll walk. But continue to hold down B while releasing your finger from right and then attempt to walk again, you'll get mixed results.

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