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  1. Hello friends!!!
    I have installed the gpu fix in my Coby Kyros MID7015. (Angry Birds works very fine), but I'd like a list of games working fine on my tablet with the gpu "fixed".
    Now, the issues:
    -The YoYogames game "They need to be fed" does not require much things to run, however I installed this game in my tablet and when I try to run the game a YoYogames logo appears for a short while, the screen turns black and the game closes. Why does it happen?.
    -I follow the step to fix the gpu. I had to install the Terminal Emulator, copied some files to the SDCAR, rooted my tablet with Z4ROOT, changed permissions in a file and type something like flash_recovery. Before doing it, everytime I turned on my tablet, pressing power + Back for some seconds I could see the Android logo and when I press Back again a "black screen" with blue letters menu appeared, but now everytime I do it the menu changed!. A "black screen" with brown letters menu appears and it has more options. I'm affraid. Did I make something that damages my tablet?. What does this new menu mean?.
    -I cannot put widgets in portrait mode (Only in landscape). Why?.
    Please, help me with it. Thanks!. Nicol

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  2. Answer me!!!
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  5. Why no answewrs?. Don't you know read?. I need answers for my questions!. Please, post answers. It's easy to do.
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  7. beef jerky

    beef jerky New Member

    Your post is bad and you should feel bad
  8. genuks

    genuks New Member

    Hello there,
    As for me I've found your question both is very prudent and well-timed in regards of my needs and let me share with my humble opinion down there,
    Indeed Coby didn't express the imagination with immense gaming progs you may be in able to run without of an unrestrained wish to crash the stubborn device upon a nearest wall or table... however it requires obstinacy to drive it on you still in able to play and this is a good news,
    It's rumored that utility called Applibs might be found through the market may rid of that bane and render a list of properly compliant stuff, also of my own experience you may run practically all games produced by Kemko - they didn't brass me :)
    Please keep sharing this info I am too curious what can a soak out of my device
  9. mzroz2219

    mzroz2219 New Member

    Can someone walk me through with how to download games to this tablets for kids under 8 please?
  10. Trooper

    Trooper Well-Known Member

    Hi and sorry that no one got back to you. Did you ever figure this out?
  11. monkeybello55177

    monkeybello55177 Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry if this isn't within the lines of etiquette for this forum but I just have to know what kind of android M.ID. 4.2.2 jellybean I call it. TY-GT9OH also have other information I just don't know what to do to get the info I need so I can root this,,I really want to root this,, if you know of a great working method I would appreciate it I'm really in the dark here and I'm not exactly feeling truly safe as I'm not to familiar with certain apps or tools,,,,.thanks a bunch

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