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  1. sayan8

    sayan8 New Member


    It is an awesome phone for playing games with an 832mhz proccesor....

    list of games i ply on Y-

    1.Deadly Chambers HD
    2.Asphalt 5 hd
    4.My Paper Aeroplane
    6.Gangstar WCH
    7.Fruit Ninja
    8.Modern Warfare : Sandstorm
    9.Pes 2011

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  2. andre1499

    andre1499 Member

    where did you got those games and are all of them in hd?
    did you root first your phine then installed chainfire3d?
  3. Sundarasan

    Sundarasan New Member

    Where can I get these games friend? :)
  4. blackkids5

    blackkids5 Well-Known Member

    hey please tell how did u play ashpalt , assassins creed iam getting texture problem when plaing

    i have install cahinfire 3d toooo......

    assassins creed first level is good 1-1 vut second level 1-2 texture problem...

  5. jeffcleds

    jeffcleds Well-Known Member

    it lags in level 2 assasin creed beacause you did not root your phone and install chainfire OR you did NOT upgrade your phone to 2.3.6! :)
  6. shmahmed

    shmahmed Member

    where can get Asphalt 5 :(
  7. aadaars

    aadaars Active Member

    Asphalt 5 is very laggy..Wait for cm7
  8. jeffcleds

    jeffcleds Well-Known Member

    Asphalt 5 dnt work with chainfire?
  9. dimonakid

    dimonakid Member

    Anyone Knows If There Is "RayMan" PLATFORM Game For Galaxy Y?
  10. droidbot45

    droidbot45 Member

    where do i get them

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