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  1. tykazowsky

    tykazowsky New Member

    Alright, I have a N1 and at some point, a list, which appears to list all my processes, has appeared in the top right corner of my display, and is ALWAYS on regardless of what im doing, in any app, at all times.

    I believe it first appeared when I installed an app called PowerSaveMode.

    I have uninstalled it, and checked settings and such, but it appears to be separate from that.

    This is an example of what it looks like:

    5.8 / 8.03 /6.77

    It always changes depending on what im doing, so its not always just that...

    How can I get rid of it??? PLEASE HELP! :confused:

  2. spideyb

    spideyb New Member

    Did you ever figure this one out? I just started getting this exact same thing on my Milestone.
  3. pigbenis

    pigbenis New Member

    me too! any help?
  4. tykazowsky

    tykazowsky New Member

    i never could get rid of it... even when the new froyo came ota and i updated my OS it still remained...

    however, i have since rooted my phone and it is no longer there.. it disappeared as soon as i unlocked the bootloader
  5. bjordan5

    bjordan5 Member

    Anyone find a simple solution to this?
  6. bjordan5

    bjordan5 Member

    Ok, found a solution. Download and install the app "Running Process Toggle". Then try to disable the function in application "Running Process Toggle".
  7. bachthao

    bachthao New Member

    Another solution: Open app "Android Tweak", goto Settings/More options, and uncheck "Show process CPU usage meter".
  8. trismos

    trismos New Member

    from another forum: bwilliams22685; Settings>developer options. one of the check marks sets this. I think its show CPU usage
  9. CaptainFro

    CaptainFro New Member

    First go into your settings scroll down to "Developer Tools" and toggle the CPU Usage Feedback. Easy enough

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