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  1. Baldguy

    Baldguy Well-Known Member

    Almost all of my favorite apps were found just by looking at other peoples postings. Some were found by just playing around. I thought we all could share our ever so long list. Enjoy.;)

    Exported by aTrackDog at 23:14:18 2010/02/11
    Bloo,1.4.3c Beta
    Nintaii Lite,1.0.7
    Slimeball Lite,1.26
    TTS Service Extended,2.0
    Apps Organizer,1.4.5
    Armored Strike Lite,1.39
    Barcode Scanner,3.1
    Car Finder DEMO,1.7.9
    Fishin' 2 Go (LITE),1.5.9
    Advanced Task Manager Free,1.6.1
    Assistant Free,1.4
    Beautiful Widgets,2.85
    Bonsai Blast,1.2
    Car Mode,1.2.0
    Celeste Lite,1.0.1
    City Caller ID,1.0.19
    Coin Flip,2.3,1.16,1.3.3
    Cyan Candy,1.0
    Dolphin Browser,2.5.0
    E! Online,1.3
    Gmail Unread Count,1.2.1
    Google Sky Map,1.3
    Google Voice,0.3.0
    Handcent Font Pack3,1.0
    Handcent Font Pack4,1.1
    Handcent FontPack,1.0
    Handcent Sms,2.9.30
    Home Switcher,1.3
    Labyrinth Lite,1.3.3,1.3.5
    Mabilo Wallpapers,1.6
    My Tracks,1.0.10
    NewsRoom Trial,1.6.12
    Note Everything,2.8.4
    Percent Calculator,1.4
    Pkt Auctions eBay,2.04
    Quick Settings,1.8.8
    Screebl Lite,2.0.6
    Tic Tac Toe,1.1.0
    Tip Calc,1.3.1
    USA TODAY,1.5.2
    Video Player,1.0
    Total 75 applications.

  2. That's a lot of apps. I wonder if anyone has found a good widget for WiFi and Data and all. Still trying to find a good set of widgets.
  3. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    It sure is, and I've seen a few other lists like that in here.

    I've got Brick Breaker "full" and Spare Parts.

    That's it. The stock applications in Eris cover a wide range of functions and none else are needed by me, although some mentioned here and there seem intriguing at times; I've downloaded and used a few for a while, then tossed them as not truly necessary.

    If Opera Mobile browser comes out for this device, I'll definitely put it in and see if it can contend with the stock browser enough to actually replace it in duties.
  4. antipesto93

    antipesto93 Well-Known Member

    wow long list, did you type all that??!?
  5. trav473

    trav473 Well-Known Member

    You can't forget IMusic
  6. bpk116

    bpk116 Active Member



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  7. 4x4le

    4x4le Well-Known Member

    Exported by aTrackDog at 06:46:12 2010/02/12

    K-9 Mail,2.403

    Barcode Scanner,3.1


    Pandora,1.1.2 (love this one!!)

    Walkie Talkie Push to Talk Lite,0.7.8 (makes me wish some of my friends had droids)


    Dolphin Browser,2.5.0 (my primary browser, I do have uses for the stocker and opera however)

    Handcent Sms,2.9.30 (much better than the stock text app, but Ill be using GV for all my texting need at the end of this billign cycle)

    ASTRO,2.2.4 (good app for backing up apps and handling other files on your sd card)


    CNET Scan & Shop,1.0.1

    WeatherBug,2.2.83 (good weather widget)

    Movies,2.5 (not needed, but Im a movie buff and its good to look at when trying to decide on a movie to watch)

    The Weather Channel,2.1.9 (just have this in case there is a problem with weather bug and I need to know the conditons)

    Google Voice,0.3.0 (free calling and text anyone?),1.1 (I dont really use it but great idea. I have watched an episode of csi when bored.)

    Bible KJV,grape.f2

    i Music,1.0.56 (this ones kinda ~~~, but when it works its good, free music is always good)

    Tapatalk,1.0.18 (why does this forum not use tapatalk?!?!?!) (its great and when my trial runs out Im going with the paid version I like it so much)

    Opera Mini,4.2

    Droid Coupons,6.08 (only thing I have used it for so far is I have gotten many free redbox rentals off of it)

    gUnit (free),1.4 (conversion tool, best free one I have found, I wish the people that made "conversion" for the iphone would make a droid counterpart though. gUnit has more, but conversion is much more strait forward)

    Google Translate,1.0

    antivirus,1.8 (runs in the background, when a new file enters the internal mem or sd card antivirus gives it the once over)

    Google Sky Map,1.3 (settled a debate, I was right, it was mars)

    Shazam,1.3 (whats the name of that song?)

    Speed Test,1.6.1 (I love this, always checking what speed Im getting)

    ConnectFour,1.0.0 (one I decided on getting off bald guys list. My girlfriend likes playing games)

    PayPal,1.1.3 (Im a business owner (web based) and this is a great way to send cash or refunds to keep customers happy or whatever)

    BreakTheBlocks Lite,4.1.506 (for the girlfriend)

    Carda Lite,Lite (made my wallet much thinner! sitting is much more enjoyable now and I would have been in a pinch since I did recently wash my wallet, although I should have had all of the contacts in my droid anyways)

    Package Tracking,1.0.2 (once again, business owner who isnt at the computer much, THIS IS GREAT for business owners)

    aTrackDog,3.11 (neat idea from bald guy)

    Alarmed Lite,1.1.10 (freaken thing asks you math questions before it shuts off! It will wake you up! Remember to ignore it on your task killer)

    Currency,1.0.1 (I import most of the products I sale from Australia so checking the exchange rate is something I do daily)

    SysTray Monitor,1.5

    Task Cleaner Pro, beta (keeps things killed that other task killers like ATK dont see, this really speed up my eris! Freed up about 8MB of ram at any given time!) although there are things I still dont like about it I gave my feedback to the dev and he said he is going to change the very things I dont like about it on the next update!! So a good dev is behind this one.

    Digi Clock Widget,1.7a (takes up 2 icon spaces on home screen, but still very visible, and It can be used to launch taks killer or any other app still)

    Compass,1.0.22 (never actually used it, but it will be there when I need it I guess. Uses gps)

    Advanced Task Killer Free,1.7.0 (had it from day one, it works)

    Notes,1.1 (why dont we have a notepad in stock form?? You can back up your notes and I believe password protect them too (although I havent)Remember to back up your notes before updating. I believe you can email your notes too)

    GPS Speedo,2.1 (speedometer, gps is always the most accurate speedometer. Check how far off yours is in your car)

    Free Dictionary Org,2.0

    PeakMemUsage,1.0.16 (I dont do much with this one, but I do look at it every once in a while)

    Where's My Droid,2.5.3 (havent lost my eris yet, still havent even tested this app to work so I hope it does if I loose it!!)

    GV Dialer,2.0.2 (Much simpler way to make free calls with fav5. The GV app DOES NOT call your gv number and actually the access number randomly changes. Prior to this app I had a bookmark of my GV account I could click on the home screen, it would take me to my contacts and I would select to call them, my phone would ring, I would answer and then it would ring them. Now with this app you set it up, and then just make a call like normal and it does the rest. You hear it call gv and with pauses it puts in the info as needed. People have had success using it with skype and calling cards as well.
    The stock dial pattern didnt work for me, I use this one: A,p,B,p,2,C#, and it works great) can be easially turned on and off but I wish they had a on/off widget for it

    Video Player,1.0

    Flashlight,2 (white screen)

    PdaNet,2.16 (I love this!!! My business means that many times I am on the road with my laptop and need to use it) Teather app

    Total 49 applications.
  8. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    I would be curious to know how the performance is of these Eris devices with numerous applications.
  9. 4x4le

    4x4le Well-Known Member

    It says you have one.......

    I have only had some lag when I have several apps open at once, or when Im using pandora and doing other things on my phone (mostly things that use 3g).

    Task cleaner pro really speed up my phone in every aspect! My real only gripe is that it is set to kill apps when the screen goes off, and the screen goes off during a call when on the phone so if your working on something and someone calls (and you have that app set to auto kill, its gone when you get off the phone).
    The dev said he is gong to change that in the next update. You should check out the app because it really speeds up the eris. Just pay attention to the things you set to auto, and which things you set to ignore for best results.
  10. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    It's just that my Eris is so fast without any downloaded application manager or "killer" that there is no need for one.

    I experience no discernible lag, no crashes and no unpredictable behaviors I've seen other users report here.

    But I have only two non-stock applications in my device, plus I have a habit of doing "clean-out maintenance" at the end of each day's use: cache clearing and application "back-out" if any were left open.
  11. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    I have an Eris device, but not with numerous applications (downloaded from Market, etc).

    I was referring to those of you with long lists of apps and how the performance is on your device.
  12. 4x4le

    4x4le Well-Known Member

    oh, well in that case I think my performance is great.

    I do have a bad habit of running multiple apps at once, which makes backing out of them a pita. Say Im typing an email to a customer, but need to check an excel price sheet, and then figure in my prophet margin, and shipping, im using 5 apps right there that I need open at the same time. After the email is sent I can hit the home button, my clock that opens atk and then clear apps if I want to continue to use the phone for something else and dont want any lag (which I would get if I continued to open apps). Or if Im done using the phone task killer pro will kill them automaticially when I hit end and lock the screen.

    I can see how some people wouldnt need all this and are against task killers. But I do tend to believe my demand level for my phone is quite high considering all of the things I use it for.
  13. mc48

    mc48 Well-Known Member

    until then you can try Screebl. It can be set to keep your screen on during all phone calls.
  14. OfTheDamned

    OfTheDamned The Friendly Undead VIP Member

    Ok, here is my full 3rd party app list.

    Album Art Grabber
    Aldiko Premium
    Ambling BookPlayer Personal
    Astraware Sudoku
    Barcode Scanner
    Battery (HTC widget)
    Documents To Go
    Easy Money
    Gentle Alarm
    Google Voice
    Magic 8-Ball
    Million Dollar Poker
    Mobile Defense
    Music Junk
    OI File Manager
    OI Safe
    Speed Forge 3D
    Survival Manual
    Texas Holdem -Red Poker Club
    Tone Picker
    USA Today
    WeatherBug Elite
    WPT Texas Hold'em
  15. usedtobeanyer

    usedtobeanyer Well-Known Member

    aCar--Tracks gas mileage. So far, ok
    Abduction--This is the Android version of the DoodleJump game. Seriously love this.
    Toddler Lock--Just got this yesterday, my 3 year old enjoys it but doesn't hold her interest for too long. I still cringe thinking about her playing w/ my phone!
    Desktop Wallpapers--Pretty good, although the photos of nude/semi-nude girls is probably unnecessary. Seriously, are people using those for their wallpaper?!
    WeatherBug Elilte--I like this, but the wind reading is always way off. Was 80mph gusts the other day. Uh, no.
    PoliceStream--this is a really cool idea, you can listen to various police calls. Can't really understand much since they usually talk in code. But such a cool idea.
    My Tracks--Haven't used this on a hike yet, but tracked my speed/mileage while driving home one day. Cool.
    ShopSavvy--Just awesome. Seriously. So amazing.
    The Weather Channel--Don't use this much since I got WeatherBug.
  16. 4x4le

    4x4le Well-Known Member

    Ill check it out until then. I really dont want my screen staying on during calls, but at the same time I dont want apps killing out because the screen is off when talking. Im considering disabling this app till the update is out.

    What I really hope for is 2.1 because I hear there really is no need for app killers with it. I know many dont like them even with 1.5 but I tend to think 1.5 just isnt smart enough to keep up with my needs with no task manager. I could be way wrong but I dont really want to try it without one right now.

    I wanted the eris, and was told that 2.0 was coming out in january when I got it..... Still waiting...... I hope I dont end up regretting getting this phone. I currently love it, but that is due in part with the hope of a better os.
  17. timmywa

    timmywa Well-Known Member

    4x4le said: Task Cleaner Pro, beta (keeps things killed that other task killers like ATK dont see, this really speed up my eris! Freed up about 8MB of ram at any given time!) although there are things I still dont like about it I gave my feedback to the dev and he said he is going to change the very things I dont like about it on the next update!! So a good dev is behind this one.

    Any reason you're not on version 2.0 that's in the Market?
  18. thetomlin2

    thetomlin2 Guest

    Here is goes, these are all of mine including widgets.

    A World Of Photo
    Android Agenda Widget
    Astrid Task/Todo List
    AudioManager Widget
    Barcode Scanner
    eBuddy IM
    Fandango Movies
    Google Sky Map
    Grocery List
    Internal Memory Widget
    Key Ring
    Lotto Picks
    Quick Settings
    SD Card Memory Widget
    Spare Parts
    Super SMS Quick Delete
    US Yellow Pages Search
    Video Player
    WaveSecure Mobile Security
  19. goofdad

    goofdad Well-Known Member

    Stuff I use Every Day:
    Aldiko - currently reading Sherlock Holmes
    Dolphin - waffling on this ... not sure I'm getting much benefit.
    FxCamera - more fun than the default
    Handcent - with a Font Pack
    Pandora - 90 minute commute ... nuff said.
    Screebl - keeps the screen showing Pandora ;-)

    Stuff for the Kids -- Simple games for simple minds! lol!
    Light Racer Free
    Robo Defense Free
    Steamy Window
    Toddler Lock
    Touch! 4Kids

    Entertainment for Me:
    Movies - Flixster version Mobile Auth. -- WOW Player here ;-)
    Droid Armory -- umm...yeah
    TV.Com -- for when I'm REALLY bored

    Utilities and Other:
    ConnectBot -- work won't let me ssh out, so I get to do it on my phone
    Flashlight -- Thinking of uninstalling ... the Notifications Screen works fine.
    Rings Extended
    Spare Parts
    Where's My Droid -- I set it down and forget where I put it!

    I also have ATK installed, but only because and Mobile Auth don't like to shut down ... they still run and take up lots of mem after being told to exit properly.
  20. davros

    davros Well-Known Member

    A World Of Photo,1.0.9
    Album Art Grabber,1.1.5
    Android IRC,1.6.9
    Automatic Task Killer,2.5.2
    Barcode Scanner,3.1
    Beautiful Widgets,2.85
    Better Cut,2.0
    Better Keyboard,4.6
    Camera Pro,3.1
    Digital Clock Widget,1.7.6
    Discussion Forum,2.0
    Dolphin Browser,2.5.0
    gMob 365,2.0.5
    Google Sky Map,1.3
    Google Voice,0.3.0
    Guitar Hero World Tour,1.6.0
    Handcent FontPack,1.0
    Handcent Sms,2.9.30
    Healthy Recipes,1.1
    Htc Hero,1.2.1
    i Music,1.0.56
    Linda File Manager,1.4.2
    LockBot Pro,1.10.3
    Lookout Mobile Security,Beta Release 4.4.2
    MixZing Lite,2.1.2
    Mobentoo Marketplace,3.3
    Music Junk,2.2
    MyBackup Pro,2.2.5
    OI File Manager,1.1.1
    Open Home,4.4
    PicSay Pro,
    PRO Zoom Camera 5X,1.08
    Raging Thunder,1,0,7
    Robot View,1.1.6
    Spare Parts,donut
    System Monitor,1.5
    Tiger Woods 2009,1.0.0
    Tone Picker,1.0
    User Dictionary for Hero,1.0
    Visual VM,1.0.9
    Voice Text,2.2
    Weather Widget Forecast Addon,1.2.8
    Weather Widgets,3.6
    Where's My Droid,2.5.2

    i just took a few off... gde, dxtop, cod6
  21. K0CAW

    K0CAW Well-Known Member

    All right...I'll join the fray.

    Advanced Task Manager -- I don't use it too often, but if you're going to have a task killer, I recommend this one.
    AK Notepad
    ASTRO -- Great file manager. Use it to backup apps to SD.
    Barcode Scanner
    Battery -- HTC's battery widget.
    Bubble -- Simple bubble level, with lots of options.
    c:geo -- Everything you need to try geocaching.
    Calvin and Hobbes -- No explanation needed.
    Cherry Rplayer
    Ethereal Dialpad -- I love creative apps like this. Simple, small, and fun.
    FeedR -- Fantastic RSS reader. I was happy to pay $.99 for this.
    Google Sky Map
    Google Voice
    GPS Status
    handyCalc -- In my opinion, the best full-function calculator for Android.
    Key Ring -- Can save a ton of space in your wallet.
    Metal Detector
    Mobile Defense
    Places Directory
    Radar Now
    Scoreboard -- Allows me to follow the Colorado Avalanche when I'm out and about.
    SMS Popup -- Must-have if you like the stock messaging app, like me.
    Spare Parts
    Sticky Memo Widget Lite -- Simple scratchpad widget for taking down notes during a call.
    Swype -- I love this, and recommend it as a must-have.
    Uninstaller -- Small and quick.

    Abduction! -- Simple, fun.
    Armageddon Squadron -- I like planes.
    Bonsai Blast -- Fun casual game, looks great.
    GameBoid Lite
    Nesoid Lite
    Pobs -- One of my favorite ADC2 games. Not a Reversi clone...check it out.
    Radiant -- First game I ever bought. Worth every penny.
    Raging Thunder
    Shoot U! -- Creative, looks good.
    SNesoid Lite
    TwisType -- A TextTwist clone that looks great.
    Wixel Lite

    Typing them all out makes me realize I have quite a few. There are definitely some in that list that I don't use often enough to justify holding onto, but I'm content where I am for now.
  22. Baldguy

    Baldguy Well-Known Member

    My device works just fine. I keep all my apps closed out if not in use. Battery makes it thru half a day usually. Depends hows much I play.
  23. I don't get people's fascination with Pandora and other internet radios. No control over the music? Just start with one song and listen to similar songs the whole time?

    I tried Pandora when it first came out and not one person I knew had a clue it existed. I wanna say it was 2005 or 2006. Now people love it. What happened to having it on an iPod?
  24. bad05gtt

    bad05gtt Well-Known Member

    Smacky...i agree about the internet radios but i dont need a ipod when my eris has the music player on works great and since i have my phone with me all the time i always have my " ipod " with me all the time !!!

  25. My car has iPod integration where it connects from a USB to the car and can connect through the port on the bottom of the iPod(dunno the techical term for it) or through the 3.5mm. My phone never worked using the 3.5 and the other plug, like I said, was for an iPod only. So I have my Touch connected and control it using the car controls and it's fine.

    I'm actually more comfortable carrying an iPod and a phone around on the transit and at the airport than I am using my phone as a music player. I just feel it'll kill the batteries faster and charging while out of the house just sucks. Not bringing my charger on campus and I'm not sitting on the floor in some obscure corner of the airport with a power socket to charge my phone.

    Somewhat of a rant, but whatever. I've definitely learned I sometimes expect weird things from my phone and use it differently than others so.. I can tolerate all these different uses. But Pandora on a computer at home is just as irritating to me.

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