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List your biggest complaints about ThunderboltGeneral

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  1. rogue_slc_vzw_rep

    rogue_slc_vzw_rep Well-Known Member

    And where is this screen

  2. frodub

    frodub Well-Known Member

    ^^^^^ yea, what he/she said.
  3. SolidOrange

    SolidOrange Well-Known Member

    somebody really needs to sticky this:

    Dial: *#*#4636#*#* -> Phone Information -> change CDMA+LTE auto to CDMA Auto.
  4. frodub

    frodub Well-Known Member

    oh. he meant that way. thanks. :)
  5. ToyotaTacoma

    ToyotaTacoma Well-Known Member

    Link to a thread on instructions for bump charge? I just joined and I hear it referenced a lot. When I search for it, all I notice are threads where people mention that they "bump Charged", not the instructions how to.. Thanks for the help!

    Edit: Found it. Sorry.
  6. henrytran

    henrytran New Member

    Got the Thunderbolt on Thursday, and it's been very good so far. Still highly recommended.

    -As repeated by others, battery life isn't particularly impressive. It seems like I can survive most days at work, but I'll need to be careful and plug in at work at times. Hopefully rooting and removing some apps can help, but I'll wait for later versions before trying.

    -I've had some unusual trouble at times moving icons from screen to screen. For some reason, the red (drag item, rearrange) bar above is kind of buggy and the swipe from page to page doesn't always work too well.

    Coming from a Blackberry with a QWERTY, there were a few things that I miss:

    -When my phone is plugged into my car's auxiliary for music, I have to use the touch screen to change songs, even with two buttons on the side for the ringer. My old BB used to let me use pres and hold the vol+ to skip forward, and the vol- to go back. Not a huge deal, but I want to look at the screen as little as possible.

    -The notification LED light isn't as noticeable as my old phone used to be. I guess I'm still adjusting to all the notification differences on Android devices.
  7. DroidL

    DroidL Well-Known Member

    Does this make your phone 3G only? What exactly is the effect of this? Is this for people thar don't live in a 4g area?
  8. LadyX

    LadyX Well-Known Member

    Biggest complaint would probably be the battery life, but it has gotten better since I got the phone so I am starting to like it more and more. The speaker under the kickstand is a little annoying when you talk to someone on speaker because it is a bit muffled so when I have my phone on speaker I also put on the kickstand so the call quality is better. The keyboard definitely lags and doesn't retrieve the letters as fast as I type them. I have more spelling errors than I've had before but I am planning on downloading a new keyboard to hopefully fix this issue. I have also noticed those light leaks! Other than that, liking it more day by day.
  9. dw0095

    dw0095 Well-Known Member

    FedEx is dropping my TBolt off today - can't wait to get home from work and try it out. Has anyone tried disabling the GPS and the account sync? I have done that with my Droid A855 and the battery last almost twice as long. Still using the original battery since Nov 2009.

    Also, I noticed from watching the youtube reviews, the USB port being on the wrong side. As others have mentioned, this makes absolutely no sense at all. For the most part, I keep my USB plug in my phone at work all day long - using it as an external drive for media. Looks like HTC/Verizon is trying to make a buck forcing us to purchase a dock when one of it's advertised features is a sturdy kickstand that can withstand hurricane winds.

    The battery life will not be too much of an issue for me, I have 2 chargers at home, one in each vehicle and plenty of USB charging sources at work and everywhere else. Imagine if people complained about the life of their laptop as much as these phones? They are more than phones, they are mobile computing devices. MCD's
  10. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    1. I do not have one yet (waiting on a longer time-frame of general feedback from users and a more basic root process that uses current or newer firmware)

    2. No 4G where I live for at least a year

    3. Kick stand blocks the speaker

    4. USB port location is counter-intuitive to using the stand (why???)

    5. No 3G/4G toggle (unless you use the dial hack) Not an ideal fix- needs the option supported in FW.

    6. The TB took so long to release, it is now close to the Sprint update that has better hardware.

    7. At least 4gb of bloatware that can not be removed.... yet

    8. No ad tie-ins to AC/DC's "Thunderstruck". Why not ?!?! ;)

    9. With the pratical addition of an extended battery, the TB is almost the size of a mini-tablet.

    10. Did I mention I did not have one? That is my biggest problem with the TB. Added: Once the root dust is settled and general user feedback is less biased by fanboy luv, I will pull the trigger ;) :)
  11. mdeblaz

    mdeblaz Well-Known Member

    Got mine yesterday... haven't had any issues. The battery life is fine. I went to bed last night it was at 70%, I woke up it was at like 65%... (I don't have a % reader, I just go by the battery info screen - 10 notches on the green bar... each one is 10%)... Plugged it in for about an hour this morning. Got up to 90%. 3 hours later I'm at 80% with moderate usage.

    So far no complaints, hopefully I won't have any. I think the battery issues are simply the settings. Coming from the Eris, I know how I like my settings, and what gives the most battery life. The same settings seem to be working here as well. The most important setting is to limit the auto syncing. Do you really need updates more than every few hours?
  12. Esabasard

    Esabasard Well-Known Member

    1. No multi color notification LED.
    2. Alarm doesn't snooze by hitting the volume rocker.
  13. strofcon

    strofcon Member

    Esabasard, you can actually change that in the settings. If you open the alarm screen (where you see the list of all your alarms that are saved), hit Menu and Settings. Then you can change what you want on the "Side button behavior" screen. :)
  14. BzB

    BzB Well-Known Member

    -the dock and DLNA adapter aren't available yet.

    -led color isn't customizable.

    -no 4g toggle widget...yet. a work around available.

    -battery management isn't intuitive for novices. this is partially an android issue and a vzw issue. many of the stock settings in the included android apps and vzw bloatware have services that run too frequently and eat battery. modifying or turning off some settings help tremendously.

    -bloatware! ugh!!! that's a general complaint applicable to all new phones though, not specific to the TB.

    all that said, the TB is an excellent android phone and a very good entry for vzw's first 4g LTE phone. i predict it will become one of the top phones vzw has to offer even after the samsung and moto phones come out. users will learn how to adjust settings for better battery management, a 4g toggle will be available, HTC will release updates in addition to sense 2.3, and it still has the best UI available on any adroid phone.

    plus the dev community for this device is already amazing. rooted in no time. customizations out the wahoo on the way. not having manufacturer imposed limitations some of the other phones have (encrypted bootloader, etc) will also keep this phone a favorite in the dev community.
  15. Esabasard

    Esabasard Well-Known Member

    I have it set to snooze on side button, but it did not work this morning. Maybe I need to restart and try again tomorrow, but I had to push the snooze on the screen.

    Edit: Found out that the side button behavior only applies when the screen is not locked, sounds stupid to me since it will almost always be locked when the alarm clock goes off. I did discover that the power button also snoozes :)
  16. UpOn2

    UpOn2 Member

    I am finding the on/off switch very annoying. Very difficult for me to access, ending up pressing several times to bring up the screen. Also wish they'd left off some of the bloat ware, like I don't need Blockbuster, Let's Golf, etc.
  17. djb28

    djb28 Well-Known Member

    I will drill holes in the kickstand if it hinders my listen experience. Problem solved.
  18. jreed2560

    jreed2560 Well-Known Member

    You must post pics if you do this!
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  19. jtl

    jtl Active Member

    Bluetooth - I turn the volume all the way up but it just seems way too quiet. I used the same headset on my LG Versa and it was fine. Now, I can barely here the other person. Any suggestions?
  20. jreed2560

    jreed2560 Well-Known Member

    Try turning the volume up on both the phone and the headset.
  21. craighwk

    craighwk Well-Known Member

    My complaints:

    1. Battery cover breaks fingers. Shouldn't have to remove it often, so not a biggie

    2. Notification LED - Sucks. Too small, light, and not enough color options.

    3. While I love the screen, it flickers a lot during scrolling, especially with white text on black background. Again, minor annoyance.

    4. Physical buttons - My power button is becoming smooshy and hard to press.

    5. Sense - Disappointing that they didn't include the Hub and Skins and things like that. Don't know who is to blame, but whatever.. I'm sure we'll get some custom ROMs with these features available.

    6. Bloatware - Out of control. Thankfully rooting helps fix this.

    7. Kickstand - The speaker is awesome but it's blocked by the annoying kickstand. Not to mention that you can't use the kickstand while your phone is plugged in via USB, you have to stand it upright. *boggle*

    Those are pretty much all I have. They are very minor issues with an otherwise awesome phone.
  22. jtl

    jtl Active Member

    Tried that. Didn't work. Any other thoughts?
  23. calbruc

    calbruc Well-Known Member

    There is a free app in the market that can be used to change these settings. I work in a warehouse and the signal bounces from 4G to 3G to 1X to nothing like crazy. Changed it to CDMA Auto this morning, and it stays on 3G like a champ.

    It's called Phone Info, by SC@Taiwan. Highly recommend it.

    My main gripes with the phone so far are few -- the lame notification LED, and the hardware buttons. Power is too small, volume rocker is too big, and they are both too easy to depress. External speaker is kind of quiet, though it sounds great when the kickstand is down.
  24. Armyintel96b

    Armyintel96b New Member

    No video chat and the battery are an issue with me. But, I really like the speed of the network and the phone itself is pretty spunky :)

    All in all onl two complaints.
  25. lamoglinsgal

    lamoglinsgal Well-Known Member

    Yeah, the notification light on the BB's is blinding! :D The TB notification light is way better than the lnc light, though.

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