Listed my Imagio in Ebay, Need to decide soon!

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  1. larry0071

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    Sep 20, 2010
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    So I placed the Imagio up on Ebay. Once it gets sold, I will need to get off the fence that rests beteen the Samsung Fascinate and the Droid X.

    I'm really leaning at the Droid X.

    Larger screen, since I am a phone internet/movie junky.
    I suspect both can do wifi hotspot without verizon knowing and without rooting, right?
    I already learned they can do DivX movies. Yay!
    I pretty much go from charger to charger now, so although battery life is worth something, I am quite used to phones that have a 6 hr battery life with hard use (Vcast/internet/streaming music).

    I'm so excited, it's like I am waiting for a new pistol to arrive at the store me to come pick up!

  2. Super_Six_Two

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    Aug 12, 2010
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    You will need to root to use a free wifi hotspot.
    My personal preference would be the DX but you might want to go into the phone subforums to learn little bit more about both.

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