Listening to Music - Bluetooth or Portable Speaker?

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  1. beachbum61

    beachbum61 Member

    I just purchased a tablet (Acer A500) to use on a trip overseas, and I want to listen to Internet Radio (Sirius) while in the hotel rooms. I am considering two options - buying a bluetooth headset or buying a small portable speaker. I have never used either before. I do not want to spend too much because I won't use them back home.

    I realize I won't get great sound with either. Staples sells a little portable speaker called Ihome for about $20 that plugs into the devise by USB port and recharges itself, which seems handy. Since I have never used a bluetooth headset I am not sure how good it is in that situation - wifi to device then bluetooth.

    Any thoughts on which would deliver better sound, and be more useful in hotel rooms or small apartments?


  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    First of all, you'll most likely find that SiriusXM will not work overseas. It's United States only I believe, unless someone can confirm otherwise.

    All depends on what you prefer, do you want headphones or speakers? Headphones will always sound much better than a small pair of speakers. However when I'm staying in hotel rooms, small speakers are perfectly fine for me. I don't usually wear headphones in hotel rooms, well unless the neighbours are particularly noisy. I save the phones for the plane, train or bus.
  3. beachbum61

    beachbum61 Member

    Thanks for the response. I checked with Sirius and they said their Internet Radio works globally.

    I went out and bought the $20 Ihome speaker and tried it out. It is ok - as you said ok for a hotel room at a moderate level. Probably a step above a laptop's speakers, but not as good as a bluetooth headset. It is very small so good for traveling. I will probably keep it.

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