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listview click on row goes to next screen

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  1. mindus

    mindus Member This Topic's Starter

    Sep 7, 2010
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    I am working on android project. I have a list view screen where it displays various data fetched form web service. This list view has more than 150 rows. So i implemented pagination and its works fine (display 5 rows).

    I am using simple adapter for this list view. Now i want on click on row it has to collect the data in that row and it should go to new screen. In the new screen click on back button it has to come back to the list view(old position: for eg the list view display 51 - 60 records, once i click on 56th row it has to go to new screen, when i click back button then list view has display 51 - 60 records not 1 - 10 records)

    Any idea about this issue?



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