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  1. scoles

    scoles New Member

    Hello. I finally got my email setup on my phone, one problem though. I have an at&t small business account. This account has a main email, and various sub emails. When I connect to my email it connects straight to the main account. It connects to the main account even though i put the sub account user name and password in. I tried going in to the main account and adding a new account but no matter what i put in, I just can't seem to get it to work. I've tried pop3/imap email and exchange both. It says it cannot connect to the server. Does that mean i have a bad server name? I'm not currently on wifi and the internet on this phone is the worst most horrendously slow internet i have EVER been on... (including dial up aol when it first came out back in the 90s...) Could the internet just be too slow to connect to the server? I've got.. for the pop3 server and port 995. That is what the guy on att tech support gave me. for outgoing i have port 465 Any help/advice is greatly appreciated thanks.

  2. scoles

    scoles New Member

    edit.. sorry couldn't find the button. update!
    I got the correct address to load on my phone, but it is still loading all the same messages from the other account...

    like I can choose between the main account(#1) and the sub account (#2) but all of the messages in both accounts are only the messages from account #1

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