Little Green Man During Call

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  1. mattjason55

    mattjason55 New Member

    How do I change the in-call wallpaper?

    The little man comes up when I get a call, and I would like something else.


  2. jimeller

    jimeller Well-Known Member

    if you have a facebook account, you can sync your friends pix to appear when they call you, other than that, i'm not sure.

    the people app might have an option to change image......
  3. Elpelco

    Elpelco Well-Known Member

    The green dude comes up if the number you're calling/calling you isn't in your phonebook with a contact photo.
  4. golder

    golder Well-Known Member

    Why would you want to get rid of the bright green Android? It's one of the things that makes this device so fun.
  5. mv520

    mv520 Member

    i kinda miss the 2d green droid man. i got the 3d with the firmware update. ha
  6. -Don

    -Don Active Member

    So how do you get rid of him, I use the phone for business and it doesn't look very professional having a cute bright green android pop up when there is an unknown caller.

    Any good themes that might get rid of him or is there a way to manually go in and delete the image?
  7. JaapH

    JaapH New Member

    Got my wife a HTC hero but she hates the green robot. Anyone knows how to get rid of this guy
  8. daveybaby

    daveybaby Well-Known Member

    Add photos to all of your contacts: open people app, edit contact, click the camera icon in the top left, select a photo.

    I dont know of a way to replace all of them in one go, unfortunately, so if you have a lot of contacts this could take a while.
  9. vikingisson

    vikingisson Well-Known Member

    setting photos to contacts is a good idea but only for the few you care to take the time for. There should be a setting for a default image like there is for default ringtone.
    Barring that perhaps if you can find the image in the file system you can replace it.
  10. ddukatz

    ddukatz Member

    I agree, I would much rather have a question mark pop up for an unknown caller than the little green robot.

    I've searched through all the system files and haven't been able to find the image so I can replace it.
  11. totallygreen

    totallygreen Member

    I was hoping there was a way to do this, but for the life of me I can't figure it out. Could you please let me know how you do this? Thanks

    EDIT: Thanks for letting me know that this can be done, I figured it out. I installed syncmypix from the market...:D
  12. MisterB

    MisterB Well-Known Member

    Bump. Anybody figure this out? I don't use facebook, so that's not a good option.

    The green robot may be cute for some of you, but for those of us that find it to be lame- we should have the option of somehow easily turning it off.

  13. solidkevin

    solidkevin Well-Known Member

    Get a new phone? I dont see whats the big deal about this, like people said just change the contact picture.
  14. MisterB

    MisterB Well-Known Member

    Cute, if you've got 10 contacts. I have hundreds, and changing the pic on every single one is more work than it should be. I also don't like that when I dial a number for the first time, I have to look at that pic of the robot.

    There's gotta be some sort of an app for this? I mean, there's a droid fart app...
  15. ddukatz

    ddukatz Member

  16. Why not just put everyone into a group and from there set a group picture of something business related. Simples worked for me on an un-routed phone
  17. MisterB

    MisterB Well-Known Member

  18. MisterB

    MisterB Well-Known Member

    I tried this, but the only change I can see is that the different group headings now have a pic, but it doesn't assign that pic to each individual record within that group. Am I doing something wrong?

    Also, I dial a lot of new numbers every day. Numbers that I don't want added to my contact list. Is there a way to have a standard image display for unknown numbers so I don't have to see that cartoonish robot on every call?
  19. markdmac

    markdmac Well-Known Member

    It would be more "FUN" for me to be able to replace this image with a standard one of my own to go with the rest of my phone theme. I've got a whole SCUBA theme going on and I would prefer to use a photo of a fish than the robot.

    This is like the default flower picture on Windows, I had to replace the default so I could get the image I wanted to stick. There has to be a way to update this. Anyone know of a way to browse all of the system files? When I browse the phone from my PC I don't see any OS related files. There has to be a png file out there that we could simply replace.
  20. james

    james Well-Known Member

    Wow, what's the big deal? It's a picture you see for about a second before you answer your phone, and very rarely unless you have random people calling you all the time who you don't have in your contacts.
  21. james

    james Well-Known Member

    Ok, seeing as I'm supposed to be doing an essay I decided to procrastinate by trying to find the image.

    It's located in: /system/app/phone.apk
    And in there it's in the drawable folder, called incall_screen.png

    I believe you can change this image with a program called metamorph, which doesn't require root access or anything like that.

    However, it looks like this:

    Therefore you would have to change that image to include your own but leave the top and bottom bit intact otherwise it would look weird. So you'd have to create a similar black/grey gradient in the middle and then put your own image over the top.

    Quite a lot of effort but if you're that bothered I guess it might be worth it. I will look into the metamorph side of it if anyone's interested but I'm gonna be pretty busy over the next few days so maybe someone with more experience with metamorph would be able to help you out sooner.

    Unfortunately I doubt there's an easier way of changing it apart from using a theme like someone already mentioned.

    Hope that helped :)

    edit - actually I suppose you don't have to make the image fit in with the rest of the phones ui, you could just change it to one like the one in the theme above, or anything you want really
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  22. markdmac

    markdmac Well-Known Member

    Thank you James, I will look into Metamorph. After further searching on this I found a post by an official Android developer who said that this file cannot be updated. I'm hoping the Metamorph has found a way around that restriction.

    I realize it seems petty, but just because something doesn't seem important to one person doesn't mean it isn't important to another. In my case, I don't have photos for my contacts because those are not important to me. I therefore see the little green man with every call. I would prefer to just turn it off entirely or be able to customize it as I am looking to do now. After searching for this I have found I am not alone in this quest.

    I very much appreciate that you looked further into it and identified a possible solution.

    Best regards,

  23. markdmac

    markdmac Well-Known Member

    Looks like Metamorph does require Root access.
    I installed andExplorer which let me copy the Phone.apk file. I donwloaded that to my PC and was able to extract the PNG file that has the robot. I replaced that with a nice little Morey Eel, but I am unable to put it back into the APK file as my converter let me convert APK into ZIP but not the other way around.

    Anyone know of a way to convert a ZIP to an APK?

    This exercise might be for nothing as I don't think the system will let me overwrite the existing file but I figure it is worth a shot.
  24. james

    james Well-Known Member

    Hmm, sorry if I gave you false hope then! I thought metamorph didn't require root access, my bad. I'll try and look into this more when I have more time, I'm sure there must be a way to change it but maybe not. But if there is then you're probably right, it will most likely require root :(
  25. G8D

    G8D Well-Known Member

    I love the 2D Android, hate the 3D one from 2.1..

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