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Little White Dot on ScreenSupport

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  1. dalezander

    dalezander Member

    why is my galaxy w has white spot on upper right screen right above the battery icon?
    when my screen is in total black screen, it is visible

  2. dannymur

    dannymur Well-Known Member

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  3. dalezander

    dalezander Member

    But when i try the lcd test via *#0*# with red, green and blue color on screen, there is no problem. only the time when it comes to total black screen like opening gallery or watching movies. i think it's a back light of the screen due to loose lcd screen on that part of my screen. because when i put pressure to the part of my front cam, the white light or color disappears but when i remove the pressure it comes back. what do you thing is the problem? i think its not a dead pixel... thanks
  4. dalezander

    dalezander Member

    i installed bad pixels test and its not a dead pixel on my galaxy w.. Do you think its a big problem?
  5. dannymur

    dannymur Well-Known Member

    I think you should submit a claim under Warranty.....

    sounds h/w related problem.....bring it to wherever you buy or Samsung Service Centre and show problem.....

    don't open or dismantle anything!!!!

    That's what Warrantys are for....not to mention you consumer rights..

    goods should be fit for purpose and of merchantable quality..... bring it back or return it.
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  6. dalezander

    dalezander Member

    Thanks so much..
  7. roiemo

    roiemo New Member

    hi dalezander, did your problem has fixed yet?

    cos i have same problem here, exact up right corner in my galaxy w screen had white backlight bleeding.

    please tell me..
  8. dalezander

    dalezander Member

    ROIEMO, yes, first i brought my galaxy w to service center but they bought it to me with same problem so asked the technician whether i can open my unit myself, he said it may damage my phone but he demonstrated it to me how to disassemble the unit so i have some knowledge about it and i also downloaded a service manual of how to disassemble the galaxy w( just google it). i found out that there is loose adshesive in the lcd. just cut small size of adhesive tape (thin) or according to the size of what your unit needs and put to the desired place (loosed adhesive) and you will see there will be no more backlight bleeding on your screen.

    you'll need small philip screw and pick of guitar.
    it is easy to disassemble galaxy w but you should be aware be very careful.

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