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Live Wallpaper (Front Facing Camera Interaction)

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  1. rcanpolat

    rcanpolat New Member

    I don't think it currently exists but i could be wrong...

    Anyway it would be nice to see a live wallpaper that uses your droids front facing camera to detect a point in the view and use it as a base point to move a wallpaper.

    What i mean is that the camera would detect your eye or mouth or an object in the room and when you move the phone up / down / left / right the camera would detect that movement by noticing the movement of that object in the camera and the app should move the wallpaper accordingly giving you a "fake 3d" type of view of the wallpaper. So for example you could have a picture of a room and by moving your head to the left you can peek into the corner of the room not visible normally.

    Is something like this even possible?
    How would one even start such a project?
    What do you think of the idea?

  2. DaSeala

    DaSeala Active Member

    Nice interesting idea. Killer on battery life.
  3. jmbillings

    jmbillings Member

    It wouldn't be too bad on battery as the camera would only need to be on as long as the wallpaper was active (so probably not much worse than a normal live wallpaper...)

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