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  1. zbipol

    zbipol Member

  2. Wow that's a really intensive simulation and definitely needs a high-end phone/tablet. Did you use NDK? Looks great!
  3. zbipol

    zbipol Member

    Yes i use NDK, there are some updated videos showing diffrent modes/themes :

    HyperColor Android LWP - YouTube

    There are 16 particle types and 38 boundled backgrounds, you can use your photos too if you want.
  4. LegalEagle1

    LegalEagle1 Active Member

    The free version is not worth installing and the paid version at $2.50 is a little steep for a wallpaper.

    For 99 cents I'd be all over it.
  5. zbipol

    zbipol Member

    This is not a wallpaper, this is

    16(particles)*38(backgrounds)*300(elements count)*5(color boost) * 20(particle size) *5(glow settings) *200(viscosity) * 2(glitter/destruction mode)
    36480000000 wallpapers + your own particles/backgrounds

    For me its a lot of fun, and its only 2.5 bucks, still less than big mac and it lasts forever :)

    Ok. end of trolling.
  6. LegalEagle1

    LegalEagle1 Active Member

    Ok, fancy wallpaper.

    My end of trolling.
  7. I just don't get it. People are ready to buy a phone for 600$ and over without a blink of an eye yet they still can't afford to donate a couple of bucks for an app that obviously took a lot of effort to develop. :p

    Rofl for the title :D
  8. LegalEagle1

    LegalEagle1 Active Member

    It doesn't make any difference if someone paid 10k for their phone. Apps must be priced competitively according to their compition. Just because I drive up to McDonald's in a 100k car doesn't mean I want to spend $20 on a hamburger.
  9. mikpel

    mikpel Member

    Corrected. ;)
  10. LegalEagle1

    LegalEagle1 Active Member

    That was what could be called a hypothetical situation to Illustate a point.

    Personally I drive a 1998 Toyota 4runner that I've owned since it was new.
  11. zbipol

    zbipol Member

    I have uploaded new version while ago.
    Current one is 2.0.51.
    There is a possibility to freeze simulation by double tapping screen, so your battery wont be drained much while sim is paused.
    Overall size of app has been shrinked and there are some other minor changes in some presets.

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