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    Get fancy mobile phone by creating your own Live Wallpaper!!

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    Key Features:

    1. Wallpaper settings

    1.1 Video setting

    1.2 Animated image (.gif) setting

    1.3 Photo setting

    2. Decorating

    2.1 Adding items (cherry blossom, snow, heartshape, etc.)

    2.2 Adding your own favorite words


    1.1 Video setting

    - Import and edit video clips

    - Adjust the position and playback speed.


    1.2 Animated image (.gif) setting

    - Apply animated images (.gif) on the background

    &#8251; Processing high quality image can take a long time.

    1.3 photo setting

    - Import and apply multiple photos on the background from your photo album.

    - Custom transition time, transition effect, size, etc.

    2.1 Adding items

    - Create Live Wallpaper by adding moving items (cherry blossom, snow, heartshape, etc.) on the moving background.



    2.2 Adding text

    - Add your own favorite words.

    - Customize the font size, color, position, direction of movement, etc.

    Make your own unique and fantastic wallpapers with


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