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  1. Raryn

    Raryn Well-Known Member

    So I updated to Jelly Bean and the live wallpaper I've always used with my phone disappeared. It's the one with the milky way (or some spiral galaxy at least) slowly rotating in the background.

    Anyone have a link to where I could get ahold of it? It was there by default on ICS.

  2. fullerne

    fullerne Well-Known Member

    There's one called Galactic Core in the Play store. Not sure if that's the one you mean. As an aside, I use Mystic Halo, which is also free and pretty cool
  3. Raryn

    Raryn Well-Known Member

    Not the same one that original came with the phone, but similar enough. Thanks.
  4. Thom

    Thom Guides Guide

    I use .. Galaxy Pack ... but it's paid.

    I think the one you are looking for is its predefined M101 Galaxy. (I use its Hextor Galaxy.)

    ... Thom

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