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  1. MonsterNo7

    MonsterNo7 Well-Known Member

    Hey so I downloaded the Nexus Live Wallpaper from Play Store, but can't figure out how to use it. It doesn't show up in the drawer, and when I go to personalize/wallpaper, I only see the options for gallery and HTC wallpapers. Any help?

  2. MonsterNo7

    MonsterNo7 Well-Known Member

    20 views and nobody has any ideas?
  3. Lloir

    Lloir Active Member

    use a different launcher ;)
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  4. Ssscrudddy

    Ssscrudddy Well-Known Member

    Supposedly this phone doesnt do live wallpapers according to HTC. Yet when I installed a live wallpaper app from Google Play Store it did it OK.

    It created a shortcut on my homepage. But it didnt have the app listed when I press the apps button.

    Unfortunately I had already deleted the homepage shortcut, because I like a clean hompage, & up until that point all the apps I had installed had put themseleves in the app page on my phone.

    Anyway I installed a different live wallpaper from the google play store, & this time I left the shortcut on the homepage. When I used that shortcut it took me to a place where I could chose any of the live wallpapers I had installed.

    So it seems you can use live wallpapers, you just have no way of getting there from any settings/menus on the phone... so keep the shortcut from a 3rd party live wallpaper installed from Google Play Store.
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  5. MonsterNo7

    MonsterNo7 Well-Known Member

    I'll have to try this. My JB live wallpaper had a shortcut in my drawer, maybe that will work.
  6. agandroid

    agandroid New Member

    Download zedge app....and download live wallpapers through it (though it redirects to google play only)....After the download is complete
    1. open the zedge app
    2. go to downloads
    3. select the live wallpapers option , it will show all the live wallpapers you have downloaded and will give the option to set the live wallpaper....!!!

    hope that helps...
  7. wasmacfreak

    wasmacfreak New Member

    Most of the LWP apps don't have icon on the application menu because it installed inside the system. But some LWP app do have an icon on the app menu. I have Samsung Galaxy S3 dandelion LWP on my S3 and it does have icon on the app menu. So I install it (downloaded from the market) on my One V. Then when I open the Dandelion LWP apps, go to set wallpaper option, and all your installed LWP (not only the S3 dandelion LWP) came up. So you can choose which one you want to activate.


    Install Wallpaper Manager. It will do the trick.

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