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Live Wallpapers Almost WorkingGeneral

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  1. iLoveAndroid

    iLoveAndroid Active Member

    Ok so I have installed the Live Wallpaper packages in this order (extracted from this ROM....http://db.androidspin.com/androidspi...ase=166&type=1)
    1) Live Wallpapers Picker
    2) Live Wallpapers
    3) Visualization Wallpapers
    4) MagicSmokeWallpapers

    So on Home++ or Home when you click Wallpapers>Live Wallpapers, and then when you try to choose a Live Wallpaper (even one from the market) it will say "The application Live Wallpaper Picker (process.android.process.acore) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again"

    Any guesses?

  2. banduraj

    banduraj Well-Known Member

    There is code in there that is codded directly to the NDK expecting a faster ARM based processor and not the one we have. Someone needs to debug the code and modify according to our processors.

    ETA: You need to fix your link.

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