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Live Weather Wallpaper

  1. smpross

    smpross Well-Known Member

    Looking for the best live weather wallpaper. NOT one that shows weather maps, but one that shows the Sun shining or rain coming down. Go weather stopped developing their version and I am using Beautiful Widgets one, but the rain does not look that great... I like when the screen looks wet :)

    Any suggestions?

  2. khampson

    khampson New Member

    I am interested in this too. My old htc desire had a good one built in but my samsung galaxy note does not have it. Any suggestions here?
  3. JimSmith94

    JimSmith94 Well-Known Member

    The Beautiful Widgets Live Weather wallpaper widget works great for me.
  4. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Go Weather. Not the Ex one.

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