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live weather wallpaper

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    PAULRYAN52 Active Member

    hi is there a live wallpaper that changes depending on the weather, time of day/night, time of year

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  2. gibbs1984

    gibbs1984 Well-Known Member

    The Grass live wallpaper is supposed to change depending on the time of day.
  3. tpm76

    tpm76 Member

    Beautiful Live Weather is the app you are looking for :D
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  4. weirdNumber

    weirdNumber Well-Known Member

    It works nicely but I shudder to think what my battery performance will be like if I use it 24/7.

    Anyone else know any other wallpapers that reflect time of day? I don't really like the blades of grass one.
  5. Yenzehn

    Yenzehn Well-Known Member

    Silhouette Live Wallpaper changes according to the time of day, but not weather or time of year.

    Weather-Lite Live Wallpaper uses both weather and time of day.

    PAULRYAN52 Active Member

    hi where can i get these i tried the market but couldn't find them
  7. Dazo

    Dazo Active Member


    PAULRYAN52 Active Member

  9. petehtc

    petehtc Member

    I use the Weather-Lite app. It's just been updated as well and the graphics have improved.

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