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LiveWallPapers.apk specifically for Froyo 2.2.2Support

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  1. chingonsote

    chingonsote Member

    Hello all!

    I appologize if there's an answer to this elsewhere but my search results showed nothing so I am putting up here.

    As a newbie and after much reading and research I was able to root, backup and delete most of the bloatware on my phone without any issues, happy to have a lean and mean little phone! BUT (notice the big Butt) I decided to get back my Live Wallpapers - which of course - were not backed up and it is not worky... :D

    I found both LiveWallpapersPicker.apk and LiveWallpapers.apk for FroYo on another post but it is not working on my phone and I am pretty sure that it is because they are for version 2.2.1 and my XPRT is running 2.2.2.

    Would anyone be so kind to share these two files so I can reinstall them and give it a shot?

    Much obliged!


  2. chingonsote

    chingonsote Member

    Found the correct file guys! Got the Live Wallpapers back working. Note that the file has to be the exact version of your Android. Once you modify the rights through Root Explorer it is al good to go.

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