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living with my A1Support

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  1. pickandpray

    pickandpray New Member

    My A1 worked great for about 2 weeks before I started experiencing the restarting and the unreponsive touch screen.

    I'm fairly certain that My device is defective since it *always* fails the screen calibration but I cannot take steps to return it because I've already opened the back of the tablet and marked up the rear cover.

    In living with the tablet for about a month now I have also lost the internal speaker although headphone and bluetooth audio still works.

    I had a few cases where the tablet would not start and it seemed related to the back cover because as soon as I replaced the cover, it would stop working.

    Now I just carry it without the rear cover and this gives me access to the battery plug. So whenever I have restart or unresponsive issues, I just unplug the battery for about 2 hours to reset the device and then charge it up and start using it again.

    I'm probably going to replace it with a real tablet but we'll see how it goes like this for a while.



  2. pickandpray

    pickandpray New Member

    Less than 6 months with my A1. She is now bricked.

    The last few weeks it was getting progressively worse where I needed to reset the tablet by pulling the battery plug on a daily basis (more often than once a day near the end). The screen calibration never worked and the gravity sensor was starting to act up.

    Now it just flashes the lenovo logo and immediately shuts down even after a power reset.

    Ordering a nexus7 and will never buy anything from Lenovo again.

    Any pointers on unbricking? I don't think a bootable sd card will work for my situation.

    My tablet was stock. no rooting no OS upgrades.
  3. poophydroid

    poophydroid Member

    Sorry to hear your wasted dollars.

    I don't have that the same problems, but I am also of the conclusion that I'll never buy another pad from Lenovo - it seems to me they are not being responsible to their customers. I bought it mainly for Skype for my mother's use.


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