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Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by Cams0ft, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. Cams0ft

    Cams0ft New Member

    Nov 3, 2009
    Well I have had my Android for approximately 2 months now and at the time of purchase I seriously considered sucking Steve Job's piece and joining the iPhone brigade, fortunately I decided that sucking pieces wasn't really my thing and instead opted for the Hero. In my opinion owning an iPhone often means that your admitting to being a mindless fashion victim, needing the latest cool thing and being prepared to pay ANYTHING to get it. Its a really sad thing to admit, your basically admitting that you have no power and if I told you tomorrow that owning a brown hat with cow testicles hanging from it was cool, you'd run out in a heartbeat and come back with the testicle hat. Looser.

    Anyway, I digress. The Hero, well after coming over the intial shock of the outrageous, unending, feature list I can now see the phone for what it is... Awesome Alien Technology! After revisiting the O2 store, the ring fenced iPhone now seems very shiny but a bit basic in comparison to the Hero, its almost like comparing a calculator and a laptop, the difference in flexibility and functionality really is that vast. They don't even seem in the same league, its funny what good marketing, shiny metal and a few jingles can do to you isn't it?

    My only real gripe with the Hero in the face of the Steve Jobs sucking crowd is that the Hero isn't a looker. Not that this is a fashion contest but in my opinion mobiles are fashion items to many and the iPhone has blatantly got the tailor made suit on. This isn't to say the Hero is doomed, it just means that HTC or a 3rd party need to start engineering some new clothes for the Hero. The protective cases for the Hero are a disgrace, flimsy bits of ******** rubber?? What the hell?? Have you not seen the fantastic assortment of protective back covers for the iPhone??

    Where's my assortment of protective back covers for the Hero??

    I would even go as far to suggest that HTC ditch the current Hero housing and build the phone again with a new shiny chrome and leather finish.

    Also, I'd like to point out the obvious, if this is a touch screen phone why do I need SEVEN buttons on the FRONT of the phone??? This to me is a joke and spoils the finish. I don't mind buttons on the side or on the top but SEVEN on the FRONT??? That's just stupid.

    And the HTC Hero sync software is a real joke in comparison to the syncing beast, iTunes. Instead of making an app to find a pizza shop in Iran can an Android developer PLEASE make an app so that I can plug my Hero into my laptop and something useful involving synchronisation actually take place??

    But the headphone socket, WOW! Because of the crappy headphones supplied, many will not have noticed this but the circuitry in this socket puts my $2000 Vaio to shame, I run it through a pair of HD-25 headphones and it sounds as good as my HD AV receiver. Very impressive.

    The mini USB socket, WOW! My life has changed innumerably. I now no longer care why my phone's charger is or whether I have brought it on my travels. Mini USB leads are everywhere "Would you like a cup of tea and a side of mini USB leads sir?", I randomly find leads in my home, in my car, at work... and then for it to work as a mass storage device is just a double bonus! Goodbye USB key!

    Overall I am very impressed with this phone, I don't even see the logic in comparing it to the iphone anymore. I am just hoping that HTC address the issues in the Hero 2.

    The Hero is indeed what it says on the box.

    Question: What's everyone else's opinion on this. Is it just me that thinks the Android phones are lacking in style?


  2. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member

    Sep 11, 2009
    Great review :D

    & Yes , I agree many of the phones mainly by HTC need a facelift..... Well not need as such...... but it would be nice . Have you seen the Sony Ericsson Android device? That is pretty sleek. I got to say my HTC Magic is Quite a looker :p

    Welcome to the Forums BTW!
  3. angusn

    angusn Active Member

    Oct 19, 2009
    Software Developer
    New England, USA
    After getting through your eloquent description of exactly where Apple kool-aide is drunk from, we get to the "meat" of your comment... style.

    The sure have a different style to be sure. Apple spends time and money concentrating on the presentation of a device, sometimes at the detriment of it's functionality. This is NOT a normal process for technological devices. They leverage their multi-national partnerships in secret and build a fervor of demand based on loyal customers who have experienced their build quality, customer service, and who share in the kool-aide swill that continues the parade of "me too" design geeks.

    All that being said, Android is software. Software that allows a handset manufacturer to build a smart device, concentrating on the hardware. The initial companies are probably choosing Android to cut costs. Since costs are a concern, design (a very expensive component to cost, involving re-designs and engineering to fit cases instead of designing cases to fit technology).. .design takes a back seat... at least at first. Devices come to market fast, become successful, show the levels of interest from consumers, build a marketplace of software and extended services, and grow the platform. Look at the Blur and MyTouch... Some android devices are starting to look good. Motorolla has a long history in building quality hardware, and they are re-booting their phone division with Android.

    Apple took heat when the iPhone was released without a keyboard. They've done a lot of things right, and tons of things wrong. They are "stuck" in their "sexy" design, with each iPhone being an obvious revision of the previous one, with so little visible difference, they could be selling us the same thing and calling it new with software updates and few would know the difference.

    I gave up on Windows in the early 90's in favor of an open source revolution called Linux. When Apple embrased Unix for OS X, I jumped at the chance to buy a Unix based computer that had software developed for it. I've got an old tee-shirt that still is pretty true... it says something to the effect of "Mac for productivity, Linux for development, Palm for mobility, and Windows for solitare" ... while Palm has failed and is flailing around with their close-but-no-cigar Pre... the rest remains pretty true. Mac people come from a marketting background and have kick-butt graphics and video production software; Linux is by the programmers for the programmers, and Windows is still the platform for games.

    How 'bout a new tee-shirt... "Mac for production, Windows for games, and Linux for everything else."
  4. Cams0ft

    Cams0ft New Member

    Nov 3, 2009
    Yes, I noticed the Sony marketing video this morning, it was this that started my rant.

    Perhaps my comments are somewhat harsh, but if Apple's BJob released a phone looking like that I am certain that his loyal follows of artists and musicians would quickly march him to a burning stake. Apple items all have the same thing in common, exuberant style and exuberant style clearly sells. I am not certain that Google will take this seriously, it appears to have no power over the manufacturers and whilst this open sourceness is commendable, I notice manufacturers have taken this as a green light to launch a plethora of Google branded tacking looking devices on the assumption that "Function comes first and people who do function, don't do style besides as long as it says Google on the box people will buy it".

    So whilst Apple unleashes titanium phones, Asus & Co will be pushing out plastic tat. This is a massive error in the campaign for Google and will only leave Android in the Geek & Glasses corner when the dust settles.

    There is a huge market for beautiful Android phones, I feel that Google need to commandeer the situation, perhaps with the acquisition of Nokia's Vertu to reset the standard and provide some guidance to this cheapening market.

    Just my thoughts, it would be interesting to hear others on this topic...
  5. 0837s

    0837s Well-Known Member

    Oct 19, 2009
    I'm not a fan of most of them that are out or slated to be released soon, but I will say that the Sony Xperia X10a in black is a sharp looking phone. Can't wait to see one in person.
  6. trick202

    trick202 Well-Known Member

    Aug 26, 2009
    Google just need to make sure that Android is established as a household name - rather than the individual handsets. Variety is the spice of life - but I agree that some style needs to be injected into the devices.

    It's Android that needs to be focussed on, not moto/htc/sammy etc. That's the only way to dent Apple's mindshare. IMHO

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