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  1. TheBobmanNH

    TheBobmanNH Active Member

    Hi All,

    New user, new to the Android world here with an HTC One X (AT&T).

    I've noticed, mostly today, that sometimes when I go to my home screen from an app (just tap the home button) I get a "loading" message, and it takes ~5 seconds or so before the home screen shows up, almost as if the phone is rebooting or something (it isn't, as the task switcher still shows all of my apps as running).

    Any thoughts on what could cause this? Is it normal? Could it be a widget thing? I would think if it were widgets it would happen every time. Home screen just has the HTC clock / weather widget, and then a calendar widget from "Jorte".

    Thanks all.

  2. Iamdunne

    Iamdunne Well-Known Member

    + 1
    Widgets often do the same and I am just using the HTC ones
  3. yeah yeah

    yeah yeah Member

    Yeah, this isn't normal at all. It's happened to me a bunch of times, and gets annoying as hell.
  4. Iamdunne

    Iamdunne Well-Known Member

    Same here I love the display of this phone and have money invested in android apps and music etc but I am a bit frustrated. I had the skyrocket and worked smooth with exception of I had months and months of texting issues. I switched to a Lumia 900 and paid restocking fee to go to HOX. Problems with Lumia to me were display not the greatest, text did not wrap it drove my crazy, poor camera, and missing some of my favorite apps. I did love the people hub and the voice to text features were outstanding on that phone. I actually liked the operating system because it was clean but not as boring as IOS. The Lumia had no lag and Internet connected great and all texting went well. My complaints on HOX are problems with MMS, in and out connection whether it be wifi or using data and yesterday it was apparent I had my first missing text message (which I am thinking is an android thing). Yes no phone is perfect I know but wondering which is the lesser of evils at this point. Am thinking of staying put and hoping that htc comes through. I had the vivid for a month with issues when it first was introduced and used one about a month ago and ran very smooth. So maybe HTC will hopefully do like they did with that phone and get this flagship updated and working better soon!
  5. stevehy

    stevehy Well-Known Member

    The loading message is due to the fact that Sense has crashed or ran out of memory. To see this rarely is not unusual, but frequently and it is a problem. I expereniced this on my One X and the solution is a hard reset which will wipe your data and then restore. It will positively fix this which it should not be doing.
  6. andydgg

    andydgg New Member

    my one s has just started doing this, I think I changed a setting so as it closes all the running apps when I go to home screen, only had phone a couple of days so not 100% sure of what i did
  7. dirtyleche

    dirtyleche New Member



    ENJOY :smokingsomb:
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  8. stevehy

    stevehy Well-Known Member

    That is an interesting approach. What have been the ramifications of this change in daily operation of the One X (apart from no longer seeing the "loading" message).
  9. Rhyan

    Rhyan Well-Known Member

    Sadly, this doesn't work for my wife's One X - Sense even crashed when I exited the settings page!

    Does anyone have any solutions (bar factory reset - I really don't have the time to re-install everything from scratch for her)?

    It's weird, it's only recently started doing this. She's been on the 1.29.XXX.11 build (O2-branded) for a little while now without a problem until the last week or so. It mainly happens when exiting the Internet browser, but it has been from other apps as well.

    Is there any way I can check to see what's using up the memory?

  10. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Rather than a full factory reset, you could clear the cache and data associated with Sense? You'd lose app placements on homescreens etc, but it's worth a go?
  11. Rhyan

    Rhyan Well-Known Member

    I've tried clearing the Sense cache already, but not the data. Will give it a go tonight when I'm home from work and the kids are in bed!


  12. coos lick

    coos lick Well-Known Member

    Noticed this on XDA, thought it might be useful for this thread:

    Home screen loading - xda-developers

    "Developer options, don't keep activities.
    Tick it, back out, go back, untick it. Job done."
  13. lexius

    lexius New Member

    Thank you!! Problem fixed!!!!!
  14. shengfu10

    shengfu10 Well-Known Member

    I think background process limit should me Standard limit
  15. GuitarG20

    GuitarG20 Clueless Senior Member Contributor

    that's what i have mine set to and i never have any issues with running out of RAM for home, and I can also keep a gaming app and messaging and sometimes chrome running at the same time as well
  16. TheBobmanNH

    TheBobmanNH Active Member

    I'm not using stock ROM anymore, but I've heard the newer software updates from AT&T / HTC make this problem much better. Back in 1.73 days it was unbearable.
  17. GuitarG20

    GuitarG20 Clueless Senior Member Contributor

    yup I remember those days. the 4.0.4 update made multitasking much better. And I'm running apex in place of the sense launcher
  18. mapleleaf

    mapleleaf New Member

    yes this works , cheers .
  19. smaranCheng

    smaranCheng New Member

    Did u change any setting in developer options? Namely the "dont keep activities".'.. If so, uncheck it.
    i did this and problem solved..!
  20. namtad

    namtad New Member

    I had exactly the same problem --- every time hitting the Home key forces my HTC One X to waste about 10 seconds displaying "Loading..." in the middle on the screen.

    I tried many things, mostly Apps > [some application] > stop, uninstall.
    and then restart. I tried over 10 different apps that I was not using. But, none worked until I tried Settings > Language & keyboard > Google voice typing > Block offensive words

    I hope I'm right about the above. This is because I recall it was "Block offensive words" that I disabled and almost immediately I noticed that the nasty "Loading..." display stopped coming back.

    What I'm sure is that it was in the area of Settings > Language & keyboard.
    But, what's puzzling me is that when I enable the "Block offensive words" again (which temporarily showed the dreadful "Loading..." word for a while just once), the long "Loading..." display on the Home key cannot be recreated.

    My conclusion is that the problem is probably caused by a combination of settings (the machine state) that causes the problem as a bug (I'm a professional programmer for 30 years), and once the condition is removed, it is hard to bring it back (typical of many bugs).

    I wish this reporting were more decisive and clear cut. Unfortunately, my HTC One X does not let me verify my observation because I just can't repeat the fix. Let me emphasize that it was definitely the "Language & keyboard" setting area that fixed my problem.

    Good luck to all...


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