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  1. Skyroket

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    i'm using my main PC as server so i could stream movies from it to my other devices. I need to find a solution so i could stream content downloaded on my pc from network storage when my PC is off. Now i know i could upgrade to a new router with USB my current router is Netgear n300 WRN2000

    any other budget options?

  2. Speed Daemon

    Speed Daemon Disabled

    To be able to stream files while your computer is turned off, you'll need access to those files. When your computer is off, so are the storage drives that contain the files. So you'll need another place to store those files. What you need is a network-attached storage (NAS) appliance that also has the ability to stream media files. I've been using Netgear ReadyNAS appliances, and like the wealth of factory and aftermarket add-ons available for them. There are other brands, but I haven't tried them. My Netgear boxes are decidedly prosumer, and have price tags to match. There are plenty to choose from though. Just Google "NAS streaming server" and go from there.
  3. Skyroket

    Skyroket Well-Known Member


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