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  1. Raptor2k

    Raptor2k New Member

    i`m looking for some location based games or GPS games. I`ve alredy checked out "Parallel Kingdom" but it`s nearly possible to play it from my office :)
    I need a location based game where i have to leave my house REALLY.
    Is there something like a tresure hunt or character leveling game where you can walk around in the real world more than parallel kingdoms?


  2. Magnus99

    Magnus99 New Member

  3. cowbean

    cowbean New Member

  4. gibffe

    gibffe New Member

  5. TheCompBoy

    TheCompBoy Well-Known Member

  6. storm1988

    storm1988 New Member

  7. dekonrad

    dekonrad New Member

    The new game on the Play market. Currently, in beta version but the game idea is interesting. During the game - so called Events you can see all other players and compete with them in collecting of stars or painting the roads of the city in your color. Running is definitely recommended there. With some people playing together it
  8. GPSJoe

    GPSJoe Active Member

    Ingress is definitely the rage these days. It is in beta and requires and invite to get in. I still haven't gotten in to play yet, but I look forward to it :)

    There is a sticky thread in the forum now for it:

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  9. SpookiePower

    SpookiePower Well-Known Member

    There is also Turf
  10. Morbidos

    Morbidos New Member

    Try ingress me and some friends play together and we have lost some weight from all the walking we do playing that
  11. Petey21

    Petey21 Member

  12. tk7x

    tk7x Active Member

    Ingress is probably the biggest thing around.

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