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location not showing on Facebook

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  1. dh67

    dh67 New Member

    Can anyone help!! I'm using the Samsung galaxy prevail,Facebook for android app. When writing a status it doesn't show my location..the previous version if this app did..how can thus be fixed?


  2. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    First off welcome to the forums :)

    Have you checked your Location settings? Making sure all of them are on and such? Like Latitude?
  3. dh67

    dh67 New Member

    I have checked my location setting and they are on..on the previous version of fb. When typing a status or post your location would show on bottom right corner,but with newest update nothing is showing..
  4. GPSJoe

    GPSJoe Active Member

    I honestly couldn't get location data to work on the Facebook app after just downloading it on my Galaxy Nexus.

    I did get it to work after going to the Facebook menu and changing the "News Feed" option. It didn't matter whether I selected Most Recent or Top Stories, but it changed the way the app looked.

    Here is what the app looks like after you first load it (in landscape to preserve privacy of friends):


    Here is a screenshot of the new status update screen after switching it to Top or Recent Stories:


    In order to share your location just click on the position flag which is in between the tag a friend and include a picture icons. I hope that fixes your problem.

    Image source: GPS For Today
  5. cwozny13

    cwozny13 New Member

    I am having the same problem since I accidently installed the update about a week ago. it worked fine before, it would just bring up my city in gray text in the bottom right corner of my status & I could see the little gps symbol at the top of my phone was locating me. now when I post a statis, no location, no gps working locating me. I really liked this feature as I travel a lot, can anyone tell me how to download the previous version of the app to this one? I have 1.9.12
  6. cwozny13

    cwozny13 New Member

    one more thing, I don't want to have to check in like the pics above show.. I just want it to say the "near detroit, mi" like it used to :( thanks ..
  7. wadster21

    wadster21 Member

    I've also noticed this happening after the recent app update. My posts no longer include the, "near (location)". Anyone found a fix for this yet?
  8. wadster21

    wadster21 Member

    Just found this. It solved the problem for me.
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  9. drdnaught1

    drdnaught1 Well-Known Member

    This only addresses the computer version of FB though, not the mobile app. Anyone found a fix for the app?
  10. wadster21

    wadster21 Member

    No, that should also fix the mobile app. It did for me at least.
  11. ant1171984

    ant1171984 Member

    Any luck yet?? All I see is on the web version of facebook you have to almost check in to the city the "near dallas tx" does not show up EVEN THOUGH the city name show's in grey at the bottom right corner of the screen I'm typing my stauts in. This is very annoying. I can't belive not one person know's a fix for this!
  12. imprezu

    imprezu Member

    I am having the same issue as well. Any fixes for this yet?
  13. walshrob

    walshrob Member

    It's annoying me now. Any solutions or is the app faulty??
  14. beckylou5

    beckylou5 New Member

    Still having this problem too even after about 5 facebook updates!! Any fix yet!? I contacted FB but no response!
  15. walshrob

    walshrob Member

    Nothing yet :-(
  16. beckylou5

    beckylou5 New Member

    Just downloaded the new facebook update... and its worked!!! location is back!! Yey!
  17. walshrob

    walshrob Member

    Back working :) update is making my phone very laggy though
  18. jamesmcmillan

    jamesmcmillan New Member

    Sorry to bump an old thread, but I was having a lot of issues, and after trying absolutely EVERYTHING, I finally found something that helped me.

    I bumped into this thread while trying to figure out the problem. I tried restarting my phone, using an older version, updating, unistalling/reinstalling, etc. I even clicked on the check-in link, which did pull up my location, but when I went back to status, my location was not there. I was about to give up, but then I bumped into the solution. This will only work for those who have T-Mobile and phones that support wifi calling.

    After I activated wifi calling on my HTC One S, the phone (for some reason) activates the GPS radio. I noticed that after I turned on wifi calling, the location on Facebook started working again. Wifi calling didn't need to remain on, but just activating it once seemed to give my phone the little kick it needed.

    I hope this information helps some folks.
  19. gatorrich

    gatorrich Member

    I know this is an old thread but I to am having this issue. I notice everyone elses posts on FB say "near their location" and I can't get mine to show up. I've tried turning on gps and trying just about everything else people have suggested on this subject, and to no avail. I'm using a galaxy s3...could it be the phone?
  20. ScarySquirrel

    ScarySquirrel New Member

    Just signed up to say I have this problem too, although oddly it seems to have affected my desktop experience as well. I'm on a Nexus 5 with Android 4.4.2, latest version of Facebook.

    I've tried all kinds of combinations of location settings, as well as the links above, but nothing is bring back the '...near [location]' after my posts, on desktop or mobile.
  21. ScarySquirrel

    ScarySquirrel New Member

    Oddly, if I post a status from my Facebook app, it then means that when I post from the website that the 'near' location is removed, I have to manually add it again but selecting my current city from the location option, it is then added as the 'near location' for future posts. But if I post from the app again, it is then removed from all future website updates. Very annoying!

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