Lock Icon on Camera Screen?

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  1. crowboy164

    crowboy164 New Member

    Hey All, my wife and I have had our captivates for just over a month and have loved the device despite the few minor issues that we've experienced with them. I check the boards daily to see all the latest, but didn't see anything on one issue that i am experiencing.

    When using the camera to take pictures of my infant son, if i try to take a picture, then another and sometimes a third (infants are hard to keep still for a picture) without closing the camera application, a few times i haven't been able to press the take picture button and have noticed a "lock" icon on the camera screen, then can not exit the camera app at all and need to power off the phone, then bring it back up. Does anyone know what causes this and if it's something that i am doing unknowingly when bobbling the phone trying to positing him for the picture? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks! Chris

  2. matt310

    matt310 Active Member

    ^I was just typing this as well. It's really frustrating! Would love to know if it's something simple that I'm overlooking!
  3. DT

    DT Well-Known Member

    If you [short] click the sleep button while in camera, you can toggle that lock on and off. It's so you can "lock" the phone into camera mode and not worry about accidentally hitting any of the nav buttons (and switching back to home, search, etc.)

    It's pretty handy actually, especially if you want to keep the camera on deck and shove the phone in your pocket (I'm 99% likely it won't time out to the lock screen either).
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  4. crowboy164

    crowboy164 New Member

    I just tried it out and that was it exactly! Thanks so much for your help DT
  5. Endoran

    Endoran Well-Known Member

    I would much rather have the sleep button snap a picture. I can see the handiness of using the lock-screen feature but I honestly think almost everyone would rather have it snap a picture. I'm hoping an update will allow you to change how the button behaves.
  6. Gew

    Gew Active Member

    Thanks a lot DT!

    I bought my Galaxy Mini just a couple of days ago. Today, I had the feeling it frooze (or something, not really sure) so I held the sleep/power button and hard-reseted it. Thing is, I recall now, I was in camera mode when it all happened. Anyways, restarted and phone function in a pleasing way. Except for camera mode, it won't (wouldn't!) work. I noticed that pad lock symbol, and Google'd "galaxy padlock camera" and landed on this forum thread. Simply pressing the sleep/power button on the right side of the phone made the padlock icon go away, and the camera/video mode worked again. Thanks! :D

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