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  1. tjhudell

    tjhudell New Member

    Has anyone else experienced a delay between pressing the hold button and a custom lock screen appearing, where it takes you back to the stock lock screen temporarily in between? If so, any idea how to stop it? :)

  2. DanielL

    DanielL New Member

    If you go Settings->Security->Screen Lock and set it to None, you should get rid of the problem.
  3. tjhudell

    tjhudell New Member

    I have done that, but unfortunately the lag is still there when you unlock the phone shortly after locking it. Im currently using MagicLocker as this seems to be better than other customer lockers, including WidgetLocker and MUI locker, which I have also tried.
  4. PhilD

    PhilD Well-Known Member

    i have been using widgetlocker over stock 4.02 since december and have not experienced this even once. i have the security PIN enabled (which is what i see after i clear the widgetlocker lock screen), so that may be a difference.
  5. TikkaGuy1982

    TikkaGuy1982 New Member

    Please be aware that most of the users that are experiencing this issue with "lock lag" or "wake lag" have an SD card installed. I had a PNY 16GB Class 10.

    I noticed that I too have been having an issue lately, as my Note 3 decided to stop recognizing my SD card. However, I did not remove the card and tried to recover it through the phone itself. When that didn't work I figured what would be the harm of leaving it in the phone even though it wasn't being seen by the device itself.

    That posed to be the biggest problem, as the phone and the SD card were interfering with one another, and caused the screen to take up to 4 seconds before it came back on upon wake.

    Nothing seemed to alleviate the problem if I had widgets or a password or messages or shortcuts turned on or off... it didn't matter until I REMOVED THE SD CARD COMPLETELY!

    Although you should still follow the other steps to improve device speed, ensuring that your SD card, whether it works or not, is removed to exclude this is as the overall problem, as I myself have experienced it firsthand.
  6. Tim K

    Tim K Well-Known Member Contributor

    The Galaxy Nexus does not have an SD card slot, so no one has an SD card in their Nexus phone. So for them, this is not the solution. Thanks for the tip though.

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