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  1. ubet

    ubet Well-Known Member

    I had the lock screen set up how I wanted, with the clock I wanted and same with the home screen. Then I downloaded some stupid digital clock app that did something different than what I wanted (it made it look like an iphone clock). Now, I can get the clock I want on the lock screen, but with the wallpaper I have on the homescreen (I want it to have its OWN paper). Or I can have the wallpaper I want on the lockscreen, but only with that stupid digital clock app I downloaded. I have been trying everything I could think of for the last hour to get it back how I wanted and cant. Does anyone here have any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. trophynuts

    trophynuts Well-Known Member

    you could probably uninstall the digital clock app and possibly try a different one. Or a diff HTC clock maybe?
  3. ubet

    ubet Well-Known Member

    I did the uninstall, but its still on the lockscreen, I used easy uninstaller. Whats going on is, I like wallpaper a and clock 3 for my lockscreen, while I like live wallpaper b and clock 4 for my homescreen. What the phone is doing will let me have any combination on the homescreen. But if I want clock 3 on the lock screen, I cant use wallpaper a. If I use wallpaper a, the digital clock is the only choice I have.

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