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lock screen orientation in portrait or landscape?Support

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  1. photographx

    photographx Well-Known Member

    Is there a screen orientation lock feature? I haven't seen it mentioned. In fact a search only turned up mention of it as a hardware button on the iPad.

    This would be great for using it while lying down, reclining, in the car, etc...

  2. Ruben

    Ruben Well-Known Member

    You can't do it naively on the phone and I don't think there is an app.
  3. paimon.soror

    paimon.soror Well-Known Member

    I forget the name of it, its probably something like "Screen Lock", but I did see a widget on the market that you can download to lock the screen. I havn't tested it on the Inc though, but its worth a shot.
  4. deftdrummer

    deftdrummer Well-Known Member

    There are apps and widgets in the marketplace that allow 4 usually switching on and off the sensor, but supposedly it is an android limitation that you cannot lock your phone to landscape mode.
  5. txrxio

    txrxio Well-Known Member

    Widgetsoid has an option for it. It only locks in portrait I think, but it does work.
  6. deftdrummer

    deftdrummer Well-Known Member

    txrxio I don't think you are fully grasping what we are taking about here.

    If the app only locks portrait orientation then it is not truly locking anything at all it is just disabling the sensor. True locking would lock landscape mode.
  7. txrxio

    txrxio Well-Known Member

    Same difference. The screen orientation sticks to portrait and doesn't change. It's "locked" as far as the user can tell. No big deal.
  8. deftdrummer

    deftdrummer Well-Known Member

    Ok maybe this needs to be broken down a little easier. Basically, when you get these widget and app controls that claim to "lock" the screen, they are not. They are DISABLING THE SENSOR. get it? That hardware component is not on.

    What this means is that your phone will not rotate to land scape mode if flipped on its side because it's "locked," right!?

    What this also means is that when you activate one of these apps and you are ALREADY in landscape mode, the screen's orientation will turn to portrait, despite the phone still being on its side, thus not locking landscape.

    Make sense?
  9. Zeimos

    Zeimos Active Member

    The closest I have gotten to what I believe you are asking for is by using ADWlauncher EX or LauncherPro Plus. Try out either free version and see if that works for you.
  10. deftdrummer

    deftdrummer Well-Known Member

    I actually have the paid version of ADW. What are the settings under? I never saw it before.
  11. Zeimos

    Zeimos Active Member

    Go to ADWSettings > UI Settings > Screen Preferences > Home Orientation
  12. deftdrummer

    deftdrummer Well-Known Member

    Oh I gotchya. Well, that's not it either actually. If you have the Miren browser the settings found there for orientation are more what I'm referring to. However, those settings only apply to Miren, they aren't global.

    In Miren, you can have the phone switch to landscape when you rotate, but up pops an orientation option to lock it in its current settings. Miren understood this is a great feature because browse the web in bed, and being able to lock the browser is great in case you turn to your other side or whatever.
  13. Zeimos

    Zeimos Active Member

    Out of curiosity, you do know that not all apps support landscape mode, right? What exactly are you trying to keep in landscape mode?
  14. deftdrummer

    deftdrummer Well-Known Member

    Yes I do realize not all apps go landscape. However I would rather have my phone go to portrait mode because the app has no landscape option (few and far between) than have my phone constantly switching orientation in bed with no sort of lock setting.

    Honestly this has gotten more confusing that it needs to be. The orientation sensor on most phones doesn't work that well, switching between orientations for a brief second only to realize you hadn't really meant to flip your phone. All I want is to be able to disable any changing of the screen and be able to permanently lock it in whatever position I desire, without worrying about the sensor rotating the screen inadvertently.

    Perhaps I should have been clearer but to me this is a pretty simple inquiry on the OP and my part. Obviously the confusion on this topic doesn't help us get any closer to a real app or setting coming to fruition so I digress.
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  15. Unicorn!

    Unicorn! Member

    Sorry for digging up an old thread here but deftdrummer is right, lock and disable are two very different things and it's pretty simple to understand. Does anyone know of any progress on this such as new apps or custom roms which can facilitate this function. To be honest it's a pretty big oversight for it not to be included by default.
  16. tojonegi

    tojonegi New Member

    Hey guys, did anybody find the answer to how to lock the screen orientation to landscape? So that it does not switch back to portrait when you tilt the phone or turn of the sensor? is there any app or trick for it? Pl help me, I really need it. M using xperia mini pro
    pl reply
  17. Unicorn!

    Unicorn! Member

    Nope, nothing here.
  18. donald1x

    donald1x New Member

    I think its somewhat device dependent, but its a basic Android function.

    I own a Galaxy Tab, On it, from just about any screen, you "pull down" the notification screen, and up there on the top right you'll see, "orientation lock" (either in color (On), or gray-ed out (Off)). Tap it. and you're locked.

    See this URL for a Youtube demo http://bit.ly/oAC16U

    But in another Youtube http://bit.ly/oExwOi, it shows that on an O2, its different, maybe an older Android OS. It is in SETTING -> Display -> Orientation. I'd say this is a more sensible place.

    (as for me, I intentionally locked my droid orientation a month ago, and forgot how to unlock it till just now... duh...)
  19. Unicorn!

    Unicorn! Member

    I appreciate your efforts to help but you really need to read the thread before you post. It's been continually reiterated throughout the thread that "solutions" like the one you have provided are not locking the orientation they are merely disabling the sensor which DOES NOT result in the same thing!

    Read the thread if you're confused about the difference.

    Anyway, from my understanding this is a limitation of the Android OS and not possible. However, I think there is a solution floating around for some phone with a keyboard (milestone maybe?) which does something like tell the OS the keyboard is out when it's not and forces portrait. Gives me hope that some custom roms might somehow utilise this exploit on devices without keyboards.
  20. Mario442

    Mario442 New Member

    Hey everybody, I hate to dig up an old thread for my first post on the forum, but I joined the forum because I found this thread while looking for the answer to this question myself. Digging around in a couple other places, I might have found the answer. There's an app on the market called Orientation Control by Coin Soft. It claims to be able to lock I'm both portrait and landscape modes, and the reviews look positive. It does, however, cost 1.49. I'm going to buy it and I'll post here again if it works

    Edit - Works perfectly
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  21. Unicorn!

    Unicorn! Member


    I gave this a try too and I can vouch that it works perfectly. Thanks for bringing this find back to the rest of us still frustrated by this problem.

    Nice work Mario!
  22. Mario442

    Mario442 New Member

    You're welcome! I'm glad I could be of some help
  23. Unicorn!

    Unicorn! Member

    Thought I'd come back and let everyone know about another free option called Rotation Locker which has just surfaced. Still testing it out but so far it seemed to work perfectly and in some cases better than Orientation Control.

    You can find it HERE.
  24. TheMortallyWounded

    TheMortallyWounded Well-Known Member

    Oh thank you so so so much. The latest version works almost perfectly for me. The only way I could keep the Itomic POS tablet (my boss had a very low budget) from force-closing in portrait mode was to lock the rotation. Default is landscape, but we need portrait only. The auto-rotate is extremely wonky.

    I say almost perfectly because the switch mode didn't work, but the widget did. As long as I can keep my coworkers from playing with the widget, it should be fine.

    Tell madmack how awesome he is. I'm locked out of xdaforums for some reason...

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