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  1. jreid9001

    jreid9001 Member

    I've tried googling and searching for applications, but ironically, all I've found is people with the opposite problem :mad: - who are lucky enough to be asked for a password, but don't want it?!

    Just got my HTC Desire, it is really amazing, but I HATE the stupid lock screen 'pattern' - I am amazed there doesn't seem to be any actually secure option considering the amount of important data the phone may hold (access to email in 2 clicks from home screen + no password = epic fail), especially as when I had a quick go to see what would happen, the pattern seems to allow unlimited attempts - just have to wait 30 seconds between every 5 :eek:.
    Turning my phone off whenever it has to be unattended is just ridiculous, even though I doubt I'll ever let there be a need to, I still want to make sure things are secure...
    Is there any way to replace the pattern with a PIN or password? Preferably free but I won't mind paying for an application if it's the only way...

  2. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    I.don't have HTC sense UI but on mine I have settings, location and security, set up lockscreen. I have pattern, pin and password. Is this not on yours?
  3. jreid9001

    jreid9001 Member

    I have HTC Sense, in Settings > Security, I have the options to change the pattern, turn use of the pattern on/off (turning if off just leaves the phone open to unlocking by anyone), change the pattern visibility and feedback, require the SIM card's PIN at power on (annoying, since I'd even settle for using the SIM card PIN when unlocking...) and to make password fields use visible characters or not.
  4. micktee28

    micktee28 Well-Known Member

    On the same screen you set the pattern lock (menu>settings>security) you should.have the option to set pattern lock, PIN lock and password lock. Thats what I have on my stock desire.

    Just to add I am running 2.2, not sure if it is.different in 2.1 as I never used that.
  5. jreid9001

    jreid9001 Member

    Hmm, I don't have either of those options :(
    Edit in response to edit: Yeah, 2.1... I don't think 2.2 is actually out for my phone though :(
  6. arkazain

    arkazain Well-Known Member

    Try to update to Android 2.2 and see if it works, I just changed it to a numeric password today.
  7. jreid9001

    jreid9001 Member

    I'm not sure if I can update to 2.2, when I check for updates, it tells me there aren't any :(
  8. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    If you're on a branded handset (which I guess you are), you can flash the android 2.2 RUU to your phone to get it. However, if you ever have to return it to the carrier for repair, this could become problematic as its not their supported version of android.

    Is it branded? If so, what carrier?
  9. jreid9001

    jreid9001 Member

    Yes it is, 3.
    I'll look into updating to 2.2 that way then at least - I guess nobody has any idea when they'll release 2.2?
  10. Spreethegr8

    Spreethegr8 New Member

    I have HTC desire c. Under Security>Screen Lock the option "None" is disabled it says "Disabled by administrator, encription policy or credential storage" because of this I am not able to disable the pin lock which I had enabled .. Please help
  11. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    Hi Spreethegr8, and welcome to AF :)

    You might do better asking in the Desire C forum. You will be running a HTC-modified version of ICS, which no HTC Desire will be running (the only ICS for the Desire is custom ROMs without Sense modifications). Hence it's quite possible that this is something that doesn't occur on the Desire.

    Have you added any other security software which might affect this? It's the only guess I have (a security program might be installed as a device administrator).
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