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  1. gwolf

    gwolf Active Member

    Okay, so here is what happened... I noticed that my lock screen icon was super tiny this morning when I got up this morning... I don't have any password or pattern set up, I just have the normal swipe on. But in about a few hours my swipe feature of the lock screen was not working at all. I could still get into by phone via the notification bar and then my phone would be unlocked after i would close that app that i had opened... I then set up a pattern real quick and then went back to the swipe to unlock the phone... and now it is working fine again... What the heck man, any incites on what could have happened...???

  2. shmn

    shmn Well-Known Member

    Sounds like one of those unexplained glitches. If it's working now...go with it.

    On another note...if your lockscreen is just set to swype...why even have a lockscreen? Just disable it and you'll have one less step to get to your phone. I don't use a lockscreen at all and when I press the home button...I'm right on the home page. The whole purpose of using a lockscreen...from my understanding...is to provide some sort of security measure that only you know (pin, pattern, face recognition). My 2
  3. gwolf

    gwolf Active Member

    i have the swipe to at least have some protection against pocket dialing or other things that my pocket might do, lol

    but I did actually go to a samsung mini store and talked to them and they said it just might be a glitch.
  4. LaurenBizz

    LaurenBizz New Member

    Ive been having exactly the same issue. Got my phone and within 2 days the lock screen wasn't working. Took it back to Carphone Warehouse in the UK and they swapped it for a brand new one.. Had the brand new one for 6 days with no problems and again happened today!!! :mad::mad::mad:

    Can anyone help?!?!
  5. gwolf

    gwolf Active Member

    i actually havent had that problem with my second one I actually been having a different screen issue since the update that rolled out last week.

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