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Lock screen quirk?Support

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  1. regression

    regression Well-Known Member

    Is anyone else's Epic cutting off the date on the lock screen? This is what mine looks like. Not a big deal, just wondering if it is just my phone....

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  2. HonnyDipp

    HonnyDipp New Member

    I've noticed that the main screen, the screen that has the lock pad that slides up is missing the date. It has the day of the week and the month, but the date is missing. I can barely see the numbers at the top but it has been cut off. I called Sprint they refreshed it and they were unable to fix it. I now have to take it to a store. I'm wondering if anyone has any pointers, its driving me crazy!

    Thanks in advance!
  3. HonnyDipp

    HonnyDipp New Member

    OMG, my phone is doing the EXACT same thing! I noticed it this morning. Its driving me nuts. I called Sprint, did a refresh, that didn't help. So glad to see I'm not the only one!
  4. MrMalediction

    MrMalediction New Member

    On my Samsung Epic 4G when I press the power button to lock the screen and then press it again to try unlocking it shows the time on the right and trys showng the date on the left and it cuts it off half way of the shaded box for that stuff

    How do I fix the date from cutting off??

  5. jbsandroid

    jbsandroid New Member

    Same here, must be a newly found bug.
  6. plmiller0905

    plmiller0905 Well-Known Member

    I got the same issue...I wish I would've seen this thread before I did a factory reset. but oh well.

    I'm gonna try and flash back to the previous update and see if that fixes the issue. Hell, I don't even know when this issue actually started until a dew minutes ago.
  7. Deior

    Deior New Member

    If you noticed, it's just because it started the month of May. I guess it's normally set to cut off or abbreviate accordingly, but if you turn off automatic under network time and manually change the date and go to april or june, it displays properly again. Go back to May and it's funky lol.
  8. Gavisann

    Gavisann Well-Known Member

    I am having he ame problem. It started may 1.
  9. regression

    regression Well-Known Member

    I guess I will just live with it until June ;-) If you change the lock screen to use a pattern, it does show the date properly.
  10. HonnyDipp

    HonnyDipp New Member

    I'm so glad I read this thread. Now I know that its not just my phone. I called Sprint back and asked them if I still needed to take the phone into a local store this week regarding this issue. The rep placed me on hold for a few minutes and told me this has been a problem and they are working on a way to fix the issue. She told me that it should be fixed within 24 hours.
  11. regression

    regression Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't hold my breath.
  12. Gavisann

    Gavisann Well-Known Member


    I find it odd that this happened. You would think with all of the "bug fixing" Sprint and Sammy did with 2.2 they would have noticed that May is messed up on the lock screen. My GPS works so I am happy ;)
  13. MadBrown

    MadBrown Well-Known Member

    Not a big deal, but I'm also glad to see it's not just me. Here's to June! :)
  14. sedanielson

    sedanielson New Member

    So how do you change the lock screen pattern?
  15. regression

    regression Well-Known Member

    Menu --> Settings --> Location and security --> Set screen lock

    From there you can choose to use a Pattern or PIN or Password.
  16. CosmicMiami

    CosmicMiami Member

    Same issue. No resolution yet with Sprint.
  17. andremike

    andremike Active Member

    The date that is on the locked screen is skewed. Its the screen with the lock icon and the date and time. Mine is like..


    The 05 is cut off though..
  18. rachelm920

    rachelm920 Active Member

    Did you try a reboot? Mine does that sometimes, thinks its in landscape mode when its portrait or vice versa...
  19. andremike

    andremike Active Member

    reboot as turining off then on again.. yes.. i did that. and its cut of in both orientations.
  20. andremike

    andremike Active Member

    just found this.. thanks.. same problem..
  21. andremike

    andremike Active Member

    just found the other thread about the lock screen.. I guess its a common problem..
  22. SlyFerret

    SlyFerret Well-Known Member

    I hadn't noticed, but, mine is doing it too!

  23. boomerbubba

    boomerbubba Well-Known Member

    The root cause of this bug is pretty obvious: The text of the dates such as "May. 04" when rendered in this font is slightly too long to fit in the window allotted by the display, so the interface tries to wrap it. "Mar. 04" fits, but "May. 04" doesn't because of character spacing.

    This is aggravated by the inclusion of the dot (period) character, which is superfluous because May is not even an abbreviation. Actually, the dot should probably be omitted for any abbreviated months, such as "Apr" or "Sep" anyway for cleaner style. Just making that tweak, or increasing the size of the window control slightly, would probably fix this -- at least in English locales.

    Since "May" is the longest month, the occurrence of this bug will likely go away at the end of this month. Hopefully it will be fixed before May 2012.
  24. boomerbubba

    boomerbubba Well-Known Member

    It is a known bug with a simple explanation. See this thread.
  25. Gavisann

    Gavisann Well-Known Member

    Can we make bets that Sprint or Sammy will not fix this super simple problem this month... or before May 2012...

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