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  1. gloriousnumber1

    gloriousnumber1 Well-Known Member

    Is there a way (without rooting) to set up any lock screen short cuts (camera, text, etc ) on the PIN or PASSWORD lock screen?

  2. Darnell0216

    Darnell0216 Well-Known Member

    Short answer: No. Putting app shortcuts on the lock screen would defeat the purpose of having a lock screen, lol. This is why certain features that allow alternative methods of entry into the phone are disabled when any kind of security is enabled. Even rooted, (I believe) it isn't an option.
  3. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female

    Yes, using Widget Locker (this is something recently new called Bezel Apps). You swipe to the right and a list of apps comes up (configurable), you tap on the app you want to open, the PIN screen appears and you input your PIN, then it opens to the app you tapped on.

    This is how I have mine set up, and I am not rooted. Widget Locker is a paid app, and worth every single penny I paid.

    Here's my lockscreen after I've swiped to the right, and after I've tapped on Gmail;


  4. Darnell0216

    Darnell0216 Well-Known Member

    Learn something new everyday. Now I know if anyone else asks.

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