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lock screen sim card error on rezoundGeneral

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  1. nepsound

    nepsound New Member

    hi everyone, i'm new here. i'm from india & have htc rezound.
    my rezound has unlocked hboot s-on & run ics 4.03.605.2 global rom.
    my problem is that everytime on lock screen a notification of sim card error shows. but when i unlock screen it run normal. i use aircel 2g gsm sim with no problem. only lock screen notification error massage show. plss help me to remove this error. i have searched many sites, theards, links but didn't find any usefull tips. so i'm here bcoz only here i can find my solution with the help of this website's valuable members. so please suggest me what should i do?
    and one thing more that my ics rom is global stock rom or not & how can i uninstall unusable app from rezound without rooting the device.

    here screen shots of my rezound :


  2. acejavelin

    acejavelin Well-Known Member

    The "error" is normal in your situation, it can be removed by installing a custom GSM or Global mode ROM.

    In the stock ROM you cannot "remove" apps built into the ROM without rooting, but you can disable them from the Settings-Apps-All screen after removing any updates on a per-app basis.
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  3. nepsound

    nepsound New Member

    thanks acejavelin for tips....
    but how can i get stable global rom & how can i root my device.

    thanks in advance
  4. acejavelin

    acejavelin Well-Known Member

    Look in the "All things root" section here, or check Android Central, Droid Forums, RootzWiki, or any other Rezound forum's Developer/Root section, all of them have a sticky thread with very detailed instructions. As far as ROMs go, XDA is your best bet, they aren't always the most friendly people but the best developers and ROMs are generally there, look in the ROM sections for the ones with the most views/replies, that is usually your best bet.

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