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  1. theja

    theja Member

    After updating to ICS my mini pro has no slide lock screen. [FONT=&quot]When i press the Home key it directly come to pattern lock screen. Are there any way to put slide lock ?[/FONT]

  2. snowman1

    snowman1 Member


    go to security settings, you will find the options in there for slide, face unlock etc.
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  3. theja

    theja Member

    Snowman1, I can't find any thing like "face unlock" in security settings
  4. theja

    theja Member

    Thank u snowman1. i found it
  5. iabhinav

    iabhinav Member

    theja, snowman1 can u pls tell me too where the face unlock feature is hidden ?
  6. iabhinav

    iabhinav Member

    i found it, it appeared itself, form no where :p

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