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  1. bcrider

    bcrider Member

    I have 2 questions:

    First, when I see I have a text message on the lock screen, I swipe to unlock, and the phone unlocks to my normal home screen where I then click the text message app at the bottom. I "thought" that right after I upgraded to ICS that the swipe on the envelope on the lock screen took me directly to the text. Am I mistaken, or is it possible to get this capability?

    This leads me to my next question. I saw a pic of lock screen shortcuts and wondered if that was part of generic ICS for the GS2 which Tmobile edited out or if that was just available on the GS3.

  2. bcrider

    bcrider Member

    The answer to the first part of my question is now resolved by NoLED's launch apps feature.

    I'm still wondering about the second question. I'm guessing it's either a marketing thing from Tmobile to get me to upgrade to the new phone with that feature, which is why I left Apple, or something I don't understand about Android os and how it's created for all different kinds of headsets.
  3. Energyzed

    Energyzed Member

    To answer your second question there are ROMs out there that have unlocking shortcuts to things like your Messages, Phone, Homescreen, and other stuff. For this you should be rooted (guides all over the internet and on this forum) Here's a link to some ROMs if you're interested:

    Samsung Galaxy S II Android

    Also, the Vanilla RootBOX ROM I know for a fact has this feature you wanted. Compare them all to each other, and visit the XDA Threads for each. They all seem very intuitive and sleek ;)

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