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  1. CrvyloOo

    CrvyloOo Member

    After the new 4.4.2 update the option to change the wallpaper for your lock screen has seemingly disappeared, leaving the lock screen wallpaper to just be that of your regular home screen wallpaper. Is there any way to re-enable this? I liked having a different picture for the lock screen, and I would like to have it back.

  2. muffalettaboy

    muffalettaboy Member

    Actually, I never knew you could change the lockscreen wallpaper. I just wish that options didn't disappear with updates. There seem to be fewer and fewer choices we get to make on our own (without rooting). Long-press home option to raise the menu disappearing is my main beef atm. I have 2 or three awesome apps that I paid for which are now useless, because they were designed when four buttons were on every android.
  3. groo79

    groo79 Well-Known Member

    I agree with you about the long press menu. Makes the watchdog pro app impossible to set up since I can't get into the settings.

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