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Locked bootloader

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  1. Uber Schwarz

    Uber Schwarz Well-Known Member

    Even though Motorola has a locked bootloader on the newer phones, they're still rooted. So what exactly does the locked bootloader prevent people from doing?

  2. scorp64va

    scorp64va Well-Known Member

    Changing the OS kernel. So you can't run Gingerbread until Motorola comes out with the upgrade and the service provider pushes it out to us.
  3. Uber Schwarz

    Uber Schwarz Well-Known Member

    So for example, Gingerbread can't be made into a ROM for the Droid X/Droid 2 until Motorola releases their official Gingerbread version?
  4. scorp64va

    scorp64va Well-Known Member

    That's correct, unless someone figures out a way to get around the lock.

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