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  1. mbhemrick

    mbhemrick New Member

    Too many failed pattern attempts due to a friend attempting to get into my phone. I have forgotten my gmail login. I tried to send username to backup email address but I tried the only other 2 email addresses I have, only to recieve an email from google stating that an account didnt exist with these backup email addresses.

    After fighting with sprint for 3 hours I came to find out they are unable to give me the info to the gmail account that THEY set up when I got my EVO. Apparently the only thing they can do is reset my phone causing me to loose all of my numbers, photos, ect

  2. thebrain

    thebrain Active Member

    So much fail. I would kick the friend in the crotch for ****ing with my phone. Then have them kick me in the crotch for being dumb enough to forget my own email information. Then I would have the reset done and call it a lesson learned.
  3. andrewcgrimm

    andrewcgrimm Well-Known Member

    Kick the friend in the crotch? Why doesn't the OP kick himself in the crotch, and save the friends crotch, for not remembering HIS Gmail info on HIS phone. The OP totally dropped the ball on this one.

    Its not Sprints fault that he did not remember his info. BTW it would be a huge Security Violation if Sprint were to keep his (or everyone else's) Gmail username and password on file.

    So instead of complaining, take this as a lesson and either remember the vital info or tape it to the battery.
  4. thebrain

    thebrain Active Member

    After thinking about it more, this sound like somebody stole a phone and is trying to figure out how to unlock it.
  5. andrewcgrimm

    andrewcgrimm Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a possibility. 1 total post, the complete lack of general Android knowledge and talking with Sprint for 3 hours. Sounds like a possibility.

    Edit: Not only 1 post, but account was started today.
  6. novox77

    novox77 Leeeroy Jennnkinnns! VIP Member

    To the OP, go here:


    On the right side, there's a link for people who forgot their password. If you truly own the account, you'll be able to follow those procedures and get your account access back.

    If you aren't the owner of the account, and you're trying to fish for ways to break into a phone, you suck.
  7. twilighter

    twilighter Well-Known Member

    My 7 year old daughter did this to my husbands Evo. She tried to unlock the phone with the patterns and then he could not sign in to google. He knew the username and password, but it still would not let him in, so Sprint had to reset the phone. He lost all his info and the phone was like new, but he was very mad! The only advice I can give everyone: Back up your Phone including apps using my backup pro. It is 4.99, but will be worth it and keep you from getting stressed out if you loose all your stuff.
  8. ness88

    ness88 New Member

    for mbhemrick: look i work for sprint, when you guys call in complainging about the gmail information ITS NOT OUR FAULT!!! of course we dont have the password to your gmail account! how could we? its your personal information, if someone sets you up for a gmail accoutn at the store it once again isnt our fault that you were misinformed by the store rep that you may need the information incase you were locked out. then you want to call into us cursing and screaming about something we have absolutely no control over!! remember your gmail account!! you go to an htc devcie which are mostly google based??? yet dont know your own email information!!!!! you bet we will reset that devcie or you can stay locked out!!!!

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