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  1. andrewmdow

    andrewmdow New Member

    Hey so I changed my lock screen pin the last night and now my HTC Evo won't unlock. I'm positive this password is correct so I don't know why its not accepting it. Unfortunately, all of my contacts are on my phone and not on my GMail account.
    I called HTC and they said that it should prompt me for my GMail account but it has not done so yet. I have tried 45 times and it will not ask me. I can connect to 3G so I have done that, in hopes that it will prompt me but it has yet to do so. Is there any way that I could unlock my phone without deleting everything off it? I have unread text messages that I have not been able to read so I want to keep them. I want to avoid the factory reset at all costs. If there is a way that I can at least unlock it to back everything up, then I will try it.

    Any help will be much appreciated.

  2. What is keeping you from going to a Sprint store for assistance?

    (I have my speculations)
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  3. ScorpDX

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    Give that man his phone back!

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